Reasons why I’m voting Romney/Ryan: #2 Free market/energy

  1. Free market/energy: Under this administration the free market is slowly losing its freedom. Government had forced Auto-companies to take bailout money and even went as far as to buy out GM. How does GM repay the taxpayers for their bailout dollars? GM ceo recently announced at an auto show in china that GM makes 7 out of every 10 cars in china. More to the point, for those of us American Taxpayers who have bought GM stock for ourselves, we will be forced to go to the end of the line should the gov cash in their GM stock because their stock certificates is a different class and has more privilege than that of GM employee.

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Reasons I’m voting Romney/Ryan: #1 Jobs

  1. Jobs:  Staples, Sports Authority, Home Depot, Best Buy and Lockheed/Martin; What is their connection with jobs and this election? Throughout this election the MSNBC and Democrats have painted a picture of Romney being an evil villain who has led his evil corporation “Bain capitol” in a war against jobs.  The fact is Staples and Sports Authority founders have came out in support of Romney because without Bain capitol they would not exist. I am in a similar mind frame I support Romney because I owe my first paid job to Bain; that job was a sales associate at home depot. Home Depot was also helped by Bain and look all three are still standing in this bad economy in spite of the presidents policies. Where does BestBuy and Lockheed/martin fit in? After 3 ears of this recession and this presidents policies both companies have had to lay off employees; Best Buy has even had to close stores.

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Did Sam really break bad, with his new anti-romney ad?

“We’re all on our own, if Romney has his way.”–Samuel L. Jackson

“I guess ole Sam ain’t got no Fam, but then who gave him that dime just for layin his rhyme?
It was not the Obama gov, nor the jedi. It was the jewish council who paid that black guy.

Its here they’ll cry racism, as a way to distract
from the fact that its Obama who has moved capitalism so far off track and its that attack which inspired me to act and stand up high as I repeatedly shout “You Lie!”

Funny, capitalism is the way sam got some pay as he sat there and cried about how his people will be over looked by this mormon guy.
Guess he gotta do what he can for his slice of the pie, but then hows that different from what Bain capital tried …..oh yeah Obama claims its bains fault some woman died? “—Milton L. Jefferson