The Walking Dead Scenario: How Sympathy May Place America In Peril

The Walking Dead Scenario

We all know the show, some of us know it better than others and have actually read the comics. Even though I have not read the comics I have still watched the show and am familiar with the substance of it. It is that substance which I see paralleling some of the present events and I think we could even learn a few things from the show. For those who have not watched it, heads up, there will be spoilers.
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Obama For America, claims military shouldn’t receive special treatment

Last week:

While I was on vacation and out of the country, I was checking my Facebook feed and came across a Facebook post sharing the above picture. After reading it I promptly shared the above photo.

Two days Later:

A friend of mine commented on it, a friend whom for the purposes of this blog will remain anonymous. The comment read as follows:
“I don’t get involved in poltical BS, but thats wrong. Repubs in Ohio removed the 3 day early voting for everyone but military, obama is sueing to give it back to everyone, not just the military.”

After Reading this I became curious and frustrated. Curious that I may have unknowingly disbursed false information and I was frustrated with the fact my friend was accusing me publicly instead of a private message.

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