Obama administration now pushing to socially engineer neighborhoods

hudseal_teal_1The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)is now implementing a law which permits the federal government to track diversity within American neighborhoods. The name of the policy? Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing. Under this policy HUD will collect information on segregation and discrimination in every single neighborhood , after which they will try to remedy it.

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“What about the civil rights of Christians they’re people too”: 1/2

The hate towards Christianity is continually stoked by the mainstream ideologues. Here in part one of two, we will cover recent mainstream attacks upon Christians and their civil rights.

Let us start with the 1st amendment right to speech: 

In Florida, two Gideons were arrested for distributing bibles on a public sidewalk. A principle of a nearby school called the sheriffs office and told the two men that if they didn’t they would face trespassing charges; FOR BEING ON A PUBLIC SIDEWALK! The men weren’t even on school grounds. For those who don’t know, Gideons are members of Gideons International, a group dedicated to distributing bibles. If you’ve ever stayed in a hotel where there was a bible in the hotel room drawer chances are it was from them. I can remember Gideons coming to my fifth grade classroom to distribute them, they didn’t preach, they didn’t talk about Christ, they just passed them out.

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“What about the civil rights of Christians they’re people too”: 2/2

In Part 1/2 we showed a clear pattern of Christians having their rights slowly encroached upon by the mainstream media and the government. In Part 2/2 we cover the attacks upon Christians by radical Muslims and how Muslims not only enact violence but they encourage it.

-Lets start at the basics almost like reading a textbook in elementary school. That reminds me of the fact that in Saudi Arabian schools kids are taught how to cut off the hands and feet of humans when carrying out Sharia law (A Muslim set of laws aimed at harsh punishments to the offender in order to discourage future violation of the law). Their textbooks actually show pictures and diagrams instructing the children in the art of dismemberment.

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