“What about the civil rights of Christians they’re people too”: 1/2

The hate towards Christianity is continually stoked by the mainstream ideologues. Here in part one of two, we will cover recent mainstream attacks upon Christians and their civil rights.

Let us start with the 1st amendment right to speech: 

In Florida, two Gideons were arrested for distributing bibles on a public sidewalk. A principle of a nearby school called the sheriffs office and told the two men that if they didn’t they would face trespassing charges; FOR BEING ON A PUBLIC SIDEWALK! The men weren’t even on school grounds. For those who don’t know, Gideons are members of Gideons International, a group dedicated to distributing bibles. If you’ve ever stayed in a hotel where there was a bible in the hotel room drawer chances are it was from them. I can remember Gideons coming to my fifth grade classroom to distribute them, they didn’t preach, they didn’t talk about Christ, they just passed them out.

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“What about the civil rights of Christians they’re people too”: 2/2

In Part 1/2 we showed a clear pattern of Christians having their rights slowly encroached upon by the mainstream media and the government. In Part 2/2 we cover the attacks upon Christians by radical Muslims and how Muslims not only enact violence but they encourage it.

-Lets start at the basics almost like reading a textbook in elementary school. That reminds me of the fact that in Saudi Arabian schools kids are taught how to cut off the hands and feet of humans when carrying out Sharia law (A Muslim set of laws aimed at harsh punishments to the offender in order to discourage future violation of the law). Their textbooks actually show pictures and diagrams instructing the children in the art of dismemberment.

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NSA Overview: Amash amendment derailed, Snowden still in Russia, Unknown Pompeo Amendment passes


The Amash amendment to defund the NSA and stop the NSA from collecting of Americans phone records was barely defeated. In fact the amendment which was named after its  sponsor (Representative Justin Amash) was barely defeated, only requiring a few more votes. One of those key votes was Michelle Bachmann, a representative and self proclaimed conservative who actually defended the NSA.

Bachmann compared the information being collected by the NSA to addresses on an envelope saying, “Is there a privacy right as to what’s been written on that envelope? No there isn’t. Where there is a privacy right is what’s contained inside that envelope,”.  Yes Bachmann was a surprising defender of the NSA, there was also a surprising critic. According to the Daily Caller, “The Republican author of the Patriot Act angrily rejected the Justice Department’s argument that one of the law’s provisions authorizes the seizure of all Americans’ telephone records, “.

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Man is tortured because of his religious affiliation

Rabih Ahmad (a sunni muslim) and Rudayna Melaab (a druze), recently eloped and were married by a Sunni sheikh.  Prior to the marriage the couple had lied to the bride’s family and told them Ahmad was a Druze. After the two were married the brides family found out about the deception, confronted the couple, and then invited the newlyweds over for dinner to reconcile.

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DOJ Suing State of Florida Over Disabled Kids in Nursing Homes


On Monday, U.S. Justice Department filed a lawsuit against Florida, accusing the state of unnecessarily institutionalizing about 200 disabled children in nursing homes and cutting services that would allow them to receive care at home.

According to the article at Fox News, federal investigators made the discovery while visiting just six nursing homes around the state. Several children have apparently stayed nursing homes for years and have even grown up in one. Continue reading

Americans support the civil rights of private businesses

A recent poll from Rasmussen reports showed 53% of Americans believe businesses should have the right to choose which customers they wish to serve. The survey  mainly listed those under the age of 25 as the ones to be denied service. The survey was also structured around the businesses of bartenders and landlords.

Another survey showed that 85% of Americans feel if a business owner has deeply held religious beliefs about marriage than they have a right to deny a same sex couple service. This survey comes after a A New Mexico court has upheld a ruling that it is illegal for Christian photographers to refuse their services to same-sex couples because of their faith, arguing that it would be discriminating against a person’s sexual orientation. Lets not forget the christian bakery who refused service to a same sex wedding.

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Trayvon Martin Family Lawyer Claims To Be A ‘Social Engineer’

Jasmine Rand

Martin family attorney, Jasmine Rand, claims that she is a ‘social engineer.’ Yes, you read that correctly! In an interview with On The Record’s, Greta van Susteren, Rand claims that she has “a greater duty beyond being an attorney, and that’s to be a social engineer.”

The phrase ‘social engineer’ disturbed me quite a bit. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as the “management of human beings in accordance with their place and function in society.”  That doesn’t sound to bad does it? Guess again! Continue reading