Finding Nemo, Anti-American?

I Couldn’t believe my ears when watching the Pixar Disney movie today as a childrens movie began spewing Anti-American rhetoric.

After hearing it I immediately posted it on the TART youtube channel here is the clip:

In this clip, the sharks become aware of nemo being stolen. The sharks reply by saying with disdain “Humans, think they own everything.” “Probably American”. First of all the divers in this film are portrayed as cold evil machine like villains (the sharks are depicted as being more caring than the divers).

Next, the sharks associate the divers with America, but wait lets not forget the divers were really Australian …. So why bring up America at all? Well the progressive mind might respond to that question by saying, “WHY NOT take an opportunity where we suggest to kids that Americans are cold, machine like, and think they can take everything?

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Presidential Trivia: Quiz #2

Here is Quiz #2 in the TART series presidential Trivia.

The Topic: Religion

The Contenders: Lincoln, Kennedy, Washington, and Obama



Introducing: Presidential Trivia

With Presidential trivia you can show your kids and family members, the difference in what really makes a leader. As President Obamas words are consistently out shined by those of previous Presidents.

Don’t Ask….Act…..Action will delineate and define you,

Milton L. Jefferson

The Institutionalized Anti-American Socialists; Are Now Teaching The Founding Fathers Were Terrorists

The 239th anniversary (Dec 16th) of the Boston Tea Party is almost upon us. Unfortunately the current Anti-American regime is teaching our youth that the founding fathers were terrorists.

Who is this regime? They are CSCOPE

They collaborate with Texas teachers to help establish the classroom curriculum sort of like this curriculum/lesson plan: Patriots are terrorists

Heres an excerpt for you to mull over:

[Page 5 of 19 from the above lesson plan]

“News report: New Act of Terror!

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Thanksgiving: an American holiday under attack

What does Thanksgiving mean to you?

Reagan got it right when he predicted future parents in America wouldn’t be sure as to whether a strong sense of patriotism ought to be taught to their children. Doubting it?

A recent youtube video of man-on-street type interviews depict Americans saying demeaning things about thanksgiving.

One woman said that  kindergarteners should be taught Thanksgiving is “totally meaningless” …… “we massacred millions and millions of Native Americans.” Wow, what about teaching them humility? What about teaching them to be thankful and not feel entitled? What about family values? How about teaching them Christian values and ideal? Did I just say Christian… uh oh time to hire a civil lawyer for the impending lawsuits that will emerge.

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The current Anti-American institution now targeting Thanksgiving

On Sunday,  MSNBC host Melissa Harris Perry delivered quite the speech to her viewers as she stated her case against the pilgrims. The very pilgrims Reagan warned would be attacked in this coming war where the socialists would aim to eradicate the American memory and with it the American spirit.

On her show Perry said, “Thanksgiving is not that simple,”……..“The kindergarten story that you learned about grateful Pilgrims and happy Indians is not even close to the historic reality of how European settlers brought violence, disease and land theft to the indigenous peoples who were already in this land long before it was discovered.” [see this clip for more]

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President Reagans Warning: He saw this war coming

This is a warning from president Reagans farewell address.In this warning the president warned of a coming war where progressive socialists would institutionalize their ideals to claim our youth and change them into a me-generation, we must stop them through regeneration. For help in regenerating “Informed Patriotism” in your area as well check out our “project: Regeneration” menu tab.

If you believe America was one of the greatest countries in the world and can be again, if you believe capitalism is the economy of our ancestors and what worked for them can work for us, If you believe the good of the individual is whats best for all and not the public good, If you believe our children are our future and right now we’re living in the future created by the children of the nineties; Then Join us in Regenerating America!!!!!

An American message to consider and pass along amongst family and friends this holiday season,

Milton L. Jefferson