New Battle Cry Should be: Fiscal Cliff = Clinton Era!!!

First: What is the Fiscal Cliff?

There has been a LOT of chatter and news regarding the “Fiscal Cliff” which I think is receiving almost as much attention as the 2012 election; but what is this cliff? In investigating this I first decided to seek information from a neutral fact based source. Here is the site where I accessed the information:

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Progress: More Government

Want progress? How do you get there? Make people go down the road to progress.

How do you make someone do something? New government policy and enforcement.

New government policy and enforcement= more government

more government=less freedom

Also applies to progressive and progressivism.

Dream Act: A way for illegals to skip the line for legal citizenship

President Obamas beloved Dream Act is a way for illegal citizens born illegally in the U.S. to get citizenship. The parents of these kids basically skipped the line for citizenship. Think of how those who are trying to get legal citizenship feel, its a lot like going to theme park EARTH and waiting in line to ride the AMERICAN DREAM only to have someone behind you and your kid skip the line with their kid. Then when confronted by theme park security they hold up their kid as a shield, at which point the security gives in saying “Ok we have to have a heart.” Then as your still waiting in line with your child doing the right thing the line skippers kid is riding the AMERICAN DREAM laughing and smiling, what kind of message does that send to your kid; If you don’t do the right thing you get rewarded?