The Walking Dead Scenario: How Sympathy May Place America In Peril

The Walking Dead Scenario

We all know the show, some of us know it better than others and have actually read the comics. Even though I have not read the comics I have still watched the show and am familiar with the substance of it. It is that substance which I see paralleling some of the present events and I think we could even learn a few things from the show. For those who have not watched it, heads up, there will be spoilers.
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Paula Dean says the N*word 26 years ago:

Firstly, I love how a U.S. citizen stating an obscene word 26 years ago and retail stores protesting her now= Controversy; meanwhile 70% of those individuals probably do not know who Bernanke is, what mortgage backed securities are, or what rehypothecation means.The person has a right to free speech by which they can make any statement they wish as such private businesses have the right to chose not to carry that persons products and yes citizens in turn can choose not to shop at the businesses thereby hurting the employees of those businesses. Continue reading

Taken 2……don’t tell me the girl was foolish enough to leave the country on her own again?? Just kidding totally different plot.

I recently came across this trailer of a new sequel for the movie taken; appropriately named Taken 2. Seeing this brought back memories of the first movie and how real the problem of sex trafficking is that said the sequel is suppose to depict the mob organization overseeing the sex trade looking to get revenge on Liam Neeson. The shame is that Sex trafficking occurs here in the U.S. . Another line of thought is that the mob has a major logic malfunction similar to that of a bully . Isn’t it just like a bully to pick on someone weaker and then when someone finally stands up to them and kicks their tails, they suddenly feel entitled to justice complaining that their victims. curious to hear others opinions, whether on the movie, sex trafficking, or even bullying. The trailers linked below.

By: Milton L. Jefferson