Common Nonsense: The Royal Baby is born and is now the perfect distraction

For those who haven’t heard or possibly haven’t cared, the British royal family gained a new family member Wednesday and we gained our first real “Common Nonsense” blog post. Prince William and Kates had a bouncing baby boy named George Alexander Louis.

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Media defends Rolling Stone for publishing Boston Bomber photo, Officer suspended for releasing Boston Bomber photo

Massachusetts Police Sgt. Sean Murphy is a tactical photographer and has photographed the funerals of the officers who died as a result of the Boston Marathon Bombing. Murphy became enraged after the Rolling Stone published their most recent issue with an article on Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (the bomber) and put a glamour shot of him on the cover. Murphy reacted by sending out photos from the police standoff with suspected terrorist, Tsarnaev. Murphy has since been suspended for doing so. Murphy also had this to say:

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More Evident, President Obama is stirring up racial division

On Friday, The president finally gave his reaction to Zimmerman being found “Not Guilty”.

Here are some of the statements he made:

“Few African-American men in this country who haven’t had the experience of being followed,” and “I think, to a sense that if a white male teen was involved in the same kind of scenario that, from top to bottom, both the outcome and the aftermath might have been different,” Obama stated.

Let us stop right here for a moment. Since the beginning of the Zimmerman case, the president, the media, the NAACP, and many others have touted race as being an issue if not the SOLE issue in the case and they seem to believe that America is just as racially bias as ever. This logic construes that if a white male had been killed by a non-white male, then the killer would be found guilty. Wrong. There is a similar case from 2009 where the killer was far more aggressive than Zimmerman. In that instance Roderick Scott, (a Black Male) was found “Not Guilty” of killing a 17 year old white male (Christopher Cirvini).

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“Joe Biden told me to” argues the defense of a man charged with Illegal Discharge of a firearm

A man from Washington named Jeffrey Barton faced arraignment for illegal discharge and aiming of a firearm. He plead Not Guilty and his defense is that he was just following the Vice presidents advice. Most of us remember the youtube videos going viral making fun of the VP’s advice to “buy a shot gun” and “fire it into the air” [see video posted below]. Now it seems things are getting a little more serious regarding that advice, as Barton actually followed it firing shots into the trying to scare away people he thought were breaking into vehicles and in the process he now finds himself facing criminal charges.


“[S]heriff’s deputies told KOIN 6 News Wednesday that current law does not afford people the right to just fire off their gun. There must be a self-defense component, along with a life-threatening situation — none of which appeared to be the case here, they said,” KOIN-TV reports.

Larry Elder and Piers Morgan Square Off on Racial Misrepresentation

ImageLast Night, on Piers Morgans Live, Larry Elder and Piers Morgan squared off.                     What was the topic? Now that is the confusing part!

You see, there had been a series of twitter exchanges prior leading up to the show. In the exchanges Elder seems to take issue with who Piers deems dumb/smart saying, “To @piersmorgan, L. Pratt, Gun Owners America, is “an unbelievably stupid man.” But #RachelJeantel is “one smart cookie” hat tip: J.Janowski” .

Then Later Piers issues an offer to square off on his show: “Hey @larryelder – rather than pick on a 19 year old girl, come and debate this with me on my show. If you’ve got the balls.”

Finally Larry Elder accepts, “PIERS THROWS DOWN AT ELDER! IT’S ON! If @piersmorgan, you want me to debate you about this case, when and where, mi amigo, when and where?

And so it was:

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Common Nonsense

nonsenseDecided to set up link for topics and stories which typically should not merit discussion; but due to the social media and mainstream media infecting many of our neighbors we must be made aware of the facts pertaining to these topics.

Also contain in this category will be stories that seem too surreal to be true.