What is The Constitutional Knight?

The Constitutional Knight is a sworn dedicated protector of the constitution and the republic as established by our founding fathers.

The Constitutional Knight is an idea that every citizen has a duty to defend the constitution of the United States from all threats, just as the duty a knight owes to his kingdom. George Washington was one such knight, he once described his duty to the constitution by saying, “The Constitution is the guide which I never will abandon.”

Perhaps the question is not, What is the Constitutional Knight? but rather Who is the Constitutional Knight? It could be your teacher, your neighbor, your employer, your local elected official, perhaps you could be a Constitutional Knight.

Since its birth the Constitutional Knight has taken great care to embody its guiding principles which are:

– Free Will

– Honesty

– Common Sense

– Innovation and Individuality

It is our hope that through the Constitutional Knight we can spread the facts and opinion which will caution others of the dangers which accompany too much government and not obeying the constitution.


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