Hypocrisy: Anti-Discrimination

Today a friend shared this article with me, ‘Diner drops prayer discount after threat of law suit‘. Apparently just the threat of a law suit was enough to get the christian diner to drop their discount for those who preyed, or for non-Christians, those who meditated.

This seems to be a part of a growing trend where Christian owned businesses are being sued for not treating all customers equally. Sure giving certain customers preferential treatment may be appalling to some, but I personally believe the business owners should have the right to choose how they conduct their business. Due to government regulation, mainly the Civil Rights Act, businesses do not have this right. Take the Cake baker in Colorado, who was ordered to provide a wedding cake for a homosexual couple even though it went against his religion.

How does this trend represent hypocrisy? Because they stopped. Whoever sued the baker or sexual discrimination, stopped at the baker and didn’t sue the bars all across the country who have “1/2 off ladies night”. The atheist who threatened to sue the diner, stopped at the diner and didn’t sue movie theaters all across the country who provide discounts based on age (senior discounts) or ones academic enrollment (student discount). Neither of the two continued onward to reap equality country wide, by suing businesses for giving military discounts.

These groups of ‘tolerant’ people, pick and choose when they want to sue and which businesses they want to sue, which in the end are primarily christian. This is where the hypocrisy lies, because these groups won’t seek to have the anti-discrimination policies enforced nation wide because they know if they did, then the people would seek changes in the law, favoring more freedom for business owners and more discounts for themselves.


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