The Walking Dead Scenario: How Sympathy May Place America In Peril

The Walking Dead Scenario

We all know the show, some of us know it better than others and have actually read the comics. Even though I have not read the comics I have still watched the show and am familiar with the substance of it. It is that substance which I see paralleling some of the present events and I think we could even learn a few things from the show. For those who have not watched it, heads up, there will be spoilers.

Perhaps the most hated villain from the show is the governor, and its not that difficult to see why:
-He took advantage of the trust and seclusion of his people to spread deceit/propaganda, which in turn he utilized by inspiring acts of hate and violence toward Rick and Ricks people.

-He beheaded zombies and placed their heads in aquariums to view for his pleasure; oh and it wasn’t just zombies, there is also the head of a national guard pilot, which suggests that some of those zombies may have been human at the time of their decapitation.

-This is a man who not only took an assault rifle and killed his own people with it, but afterwards burned his town down.

-He then seeks out others to rally, eventually obtaining a tank, in the hopes of taking Rick down even if it means he and his people have to die.

-This is a man who when facing adversity, decapitated Herschel (one of Ricks men), and shot a little girl in the head (a daughter of one of his own people).

Sounding familiar yet? Spreads Deceit & Propaganda, Inspires violence from those who follow him, a fanatic decapitates those who threaten him or refuse to follow him, executes his own people, executes children with a bullet to the head; Hello!! Isis anyone?

Credit: Le Journal/SIPA

Or in the case of the Governor refusing to negotiate nor honor any ceasefire/treaty, Hamas anyone?

Now what is the lesson to be learned here? Well I believe that in light of Syrias chemical attacks on children, Terrorists kidnapping girls from the schools in their African village, the refugee children crossing our border, and now the news of Isis killing children; we the people of the United States continually face a dilemmas, similar to those in Ricks camp.

Do we risk the safety of our group and allow the refugee children in? Do we intervene in the middle east, or ‘fight back’ as some would argue? If we do fight back to we destroy our enemy, or make the same mistakes as Andrea/Obama, Michonne/Bush, by letting the governor live to return another day with different followers.





The way I see it, we could choose the path of Rick:
-we police those immigrating into our group, interrogating them possibly even detain them until it is in fact safe to let them join.
-we hold our ground and wait for the fight to come to us, when it does we obliterate them.
-we intervene only to save our own (Maggie-Glenn/Maine in Mexico), regardless the odds





Or we could choose the path of Herschel:
– we take them in, everyone, regardless of the possibility that an outbreak might overwhelm us, as he put it:
You step outside, you risk your life. You take a drink of water, you risk your life. And nowadays you breathe, and you risk your life.”
-we retreat and let the Governor take the prison and plunder til his hearts content, if it is ever so.
-we help our own only when the danger to others is minimum

But we all saw where Herschels path ended……..

There is the third path, where we might find an effective middle ground between the two, however unlikely.


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