Police State Rising, “Is Everybody Blind?”

A marine attending a local New Hampshire City Council meet gave an impassioned testimony, voicing his concerns over the U.S. government arming its police with military style gear. At one point he became so disturbed at the apathy expressed by his electorate that he had to ask, “Is everybody blind?” Just look at the video below, those on the citizens behind the marine are shaking their head and seem concerned or at least engaged with what the marine was saying. Then you look next to the marine and see a city official almost seeming like shes going to fall asleep or seems bothered to have to sit and listen to the concerns expressed by a man who fought for her freedom.

Heres video of his testimony:

This marine has good reason to be concerned. Lets set aside the gear being given to law enforcement for a moment and analyze the plans outlined by the president himself.

Above is a video from July 2008 where the president outlined the need for a civilian national security force.

Still don’t believe the government has is taking precautions to engage in violence against its citizenry? 

Then ask yourself this question, why does the Department of HOMELAND Security need drones in the first place? Come on you know its because the border….. right thats not it, because we are letting anyone in who cites “credible fear”. The drones have concerned U.S. citizens to the point that now one Colorado town has issued a law where its citizens can collect cash rewards for shooting drones down. Then we all remember the filibuster conducted by Rand Paul out of his disdain toward drones. The FBI sent Rand Paul a letter documenting that drones were used ten times in the United States. We also have the federal agencies like the NSA abusing their power. According to a recent report, NSA violates privacy rules a thousand times per year.

Lastly, there was a document [FM 3.39-40] released back in February of 2010 which lays out a blueprint for detaining armed americans and dislocating immigrants. Originally the document was drafted to deal with enemy combatants like in Iraq, but it is a possibility it can be applied to the America. The document is chilling in its similarities to the way the Nazis rose to power prior to WWII

Bottom line:

When one actually does the research and looks at the facts, the picture becomes clear; Americans are facing a police state. As the government has proven the best way to deal with the rapid arming of an enemy is to try and disarm them, therefore it is only reasonable to encourage politicians and others to work toward defunding this police state.  In concluding with the overwhelming evidence facing the public I cannot help but ask, “Is everybody blind?”.


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