In 2007, a couple was raped, tortured and murdered; yet not many know their story as their murderers seek a retrial

Heres the story according to Tru TVs Crime library,

In 2007, “In the wee hours of that Sunday morning, Newsom and Christian were carjacked at gunpoint in her parents’ 2005 Toyota 4-Runner and brought back to the house on Chipman. Christopher Newsom was raped over and over again (semen was found in his anus) and sodomized with an unknown object. He was blindfolded, gagged, and bound at the hands and feet. After several nightmarish hours, Newsom was either walked barefoot or dragged out to the railroad tracks where he was shot in the back of the head execution-style. The assailants shot him two more times (in the back and in the neck). Then Newsom’s corpse was doused with gasoline and lit on fire.

For Channon Christian, the torture was even worse. She suffered days of sexual abuse in the Chipman home. She was beaten mercilessly and raped numerous times, suffering excruciating injuries to her mouth, vagina, and anus. Forensic pathologists found that not only was Christian raped by her captors, but she had been penetrated with an object as well (possibly a chair leg, according to the Knox County Medical Examiner). In addition, examiners found that a chemical (likely bleach) had been poured down her throat and in her wounded genital areas — while she was still alive. The coroner reported that Christian was then tied up with torn strips of bedding, her head covered in a white garbage bag — and then the whole body stuffed in five larger trash bags before being thrown into a garbage can. Perhaps the most horrifying finding was that Christian was still alive at the time; her death came after the slow process of suffocation in that trash container.”

Why are we just now hearing of them?

Many have claimed the mainstream media was too busy trying to get President Obama elected while others have suggested that it simply didn’t fit their agenda at the time. Isn’t that sad when someones death must fit an agenda in order to receive the attention Trayvon Martins death recieved. A possible reason is that now their killers are appealing for retrial on the grounds that the judge was intoxicated at the time of the trial. Now there is an outcry to prevent such a retrial, has a petition dedicated to preventing such an act.

Racial Hypocrisy:

Many are asking, “why isn’t this being investigated as a hate crime?”

The reason is there isn’t much in the manner of evidence to indicate their race or gender was a driving force, there is no doubt however that this act was HATEful and evil. If the FBI is going to continue investigating Zimmerman for a possible hate crime after his trial, then why won’t they investigate these individuals for a hate crime after their trial?

The non-existence of a hate crime investigation isn’t the only example of racial bias being shown to Trayvon Martin. Oprah has come out saying, Trayvon was a modern day Emmett Till. After doing any research into emmetts death its clear this couple fits the motes operandi of Emmetts death, not Trayvon. 


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