(1 in 5) Americans on government assistance, Reform is desperately needed

According to the heritage foundation, 1 in 5 Americans are now receiving some form of government assistance. The Wall Street Journal reports that food stamp-usage is on the rise and so are the number of people on the food stamp rolls. This brings some to say that the U.S. has become a nation of dependents:

Ronald Reagan said it best, “Now let me be clear, My intention is not to do away with government; It is however to make it work.” These entitlement programs aren’t working if they were we’d be seeing a steady decrease in their use over time. Instead these “Government transfers” have been increasing steadily since 1929 as seen in [Chart A] and they are predicted to continue their enormous growth well into the future,  see [Chart B] and [Chart C].

[Chart A]

The abuse of Food Stamps and EBT cards are numerous and have led to the programs decline, here is a list of a few documented abuses:

-In a 2010 Los Angeles Times report, EBT cards were being used in places like Indian casinos and strip clubs.

-The nypost.com reports, “Welfare recipients took out cash at bars, liquor stores, X-rated video shops, hookah parlors and even strip clubs”

– Carrell from Spokesman.com said, “In Washington State EBT cards and their PINs are sometimes sold on sites like Craigslist.  Then the sellers report them stolen and get new ones,”

Ann Murrell stated, that her son had seen a lady using an EBT card to buy her boyfriends alcohol.

-Here is a video from fox news, which documents a surfer who lives  off the government and has no guilt doing such. His job each day? Surfing, drinking, and “cruising for chicks”.

Heres a list of reasons why these programs need to be reformed; as if the list of abuses and statistics weren’t enough [compiled by Freedom works]:

[Chart B]

1.  They Are Ineffective at Reducing Hunger.

2.  They are Subject to Large Scale Fraud & Error.

3. They Lack Transparency .

4. They are a Form of Corporate Welfare.

5. Food Stamp Advertising Emphasizes Enrollment over Need.

6. They Overlap and Create Inefficiencies.

7. They Lack Effective Work Requirements.

8. They Create Dependency

9. They Have Become a Burden on Taxpayers

10. They Should Be Handled by States

[Chart C]

I have an idea to implement when kicking off the reforms, limit the items able to be purchased by these funds. As we covered above Alcohol, strip clubs, hookah, and x-rated videos are just some of the items purchased by our tax dollars. According to the USDA, the list of approved items includes energy drinks, soft drinks, candy, cookies, snack crackers, ice cream, seafood, steak, bakery cakes, pumpkins, holiday gift baskets, birthday cakes, and non edible decorations for those cakes.

Where is the outrage from those waging the “War on Obesity”?

Where is Bloomberg or Michelle Obama? They should be all over this with their “war on obesity”. Thats right, Michelle Obama is on vacation and Bloomberg is probably still licking his wounds from the fact that his soda ban was ruled unconstitutional. Hey Bloomberg, instead of telling New York citizens not to buy sodas with there private dollars, why not fight to stop people from purchasing soda with tax payer dollars? If Bloomberg did his homework he’d find that children in poorer neighborhoods have 28 percent higher odds of developing obesity. Could that be because their parents are receiving “Government transfers” and are purchasing junk food with those funds?

The Government has continually argued against reforming the programs:

A USDA document arguing:

-No clear standards exist for defining foods as good or bad, or healthy or not healthy.

-Implementation of food restrictions would increase program complexity and costs.

-Restrictions may be ineffective in changing the purchases of food stamp participants.

-No evidence exists that food stamp participation contributes to poor diet quality or obesity.

All of which are lies constructed by a dying program desperately trying to preserve itself.

The good news is people are finally standing up and trying to combat this common non-sense:

Many conservative groups such as freedom works, are rallying to try and fight for these reforms like we stated earlier.

A Store clerk has been fired for refusing to let customer buy cigarettes with EBT card. A baker has  fought the Braintree Farmers Market, refusing to take EBT cards for her baked treats.

Want to do something about this issue, click here.


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