Obama administration now pushing to socially engineer neighborhoods

hudseal_teal_1The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)is now implementing a law which permits the federal government to track diversity within American neighborhoods. The name of the policy? Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing. Under this policy HUD will collect information on segregation and discrimination in every single neighborhood , after which they will try to remedy it.

How are they going to remedy the human condition? Why force people with racial bias to live near each other?

A likely scenario is that those currently, living in the neighborhoods will most likely move out after they are “desegregated”. Already this is sounding eerily similar as to what happened in Detroit decades ago. In the midst of Detroits bankruptcy last month, Rush Limbaugh dusted off an old book about Detroit titled, “Devils Night:  And Other True Tales of Detroit“. After reading the book Limbaugh did a book report of sorts claiming that the book showed insight into the decline of Detroit. In his report Limbaugh said:

“Coleman Young, when the whites started abandoning the city after the black riots, and it was easy to do with the building of the freeways in the fifties, when they were moving into unfinished houses just to get out of town, Coleman Young publicly would accuse white people of abandoning the city and then trying to control it from the outside.”

One might say that, “yes there is such a HUD policy, but President Obama had nothing to do with it.” Wrong. The president picked the Department Secretary who then oversees HUD. The Secretary overseeing HUD is Shaun Donovan and he is the one pursuing this. In a New Orleans Commencement Address Donovan said:

“Right now, we can predict a child’s life expectancy by the zip codes he or she grows up in.”

This statement is true that there is a correlation between zip codes and life expectancy, but Donovan and HUD are acting like zip codes cause a short life expectancy. Hello! Earth to Donovan! What does a zip code represent? It represents a location inhabited by a community. So if you move a community from their “evil” zip code their problems and woes will follow with them to the next zip code. Why? Because the problem was not the zip code, the problem was the people or as MLK said “the content of their character”.

But thats not the end of Donovans idiocracy, he goes on to say:

“Far more often than not, segregation, isolation and poverty don’t occur in spite of government. They happen because of government — by government dollars and government decisions made with government authority.”

Wait! So we are going to fix the problem created by government through more government? I think I have an old friend who’d disagree with that logic:


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