“What about the civil rights of Christians they’re people too”: 2/2

In Part 1/2 we showed a clear pattern of Christians having their rights slowly encroached upon by the mainstream media and the government. In Part 2/2 we cover the attacks upon Christians by radical Muslims and how Muslims not only enact violence but they encourage it.

-Lets start at the basics almost like reading a textbook in elementary school. That reminds me of the fact that in Saudi Arabian schools kids are taught how to cut off the hands and feet of humans when carrying out Sharia law (A Muslim set of laws aimed at harsh punishments to the offender in order to discourage future violation of the law). Their textbooks actually show pictures and diagrams instructing the children in the art of dismemberment.

-A New York native recently plead guilt to terrorism charges and told an Alabama court that “admitting that he moved here and discussed carrying out violent acts in the United States before settling on a plot to join a jihadist movement overseas.” he also said, “Islam’s Goal Is To Rule The World With The Sword Of Jihad.” Sound fairly peaceful, doesn’t it?

-Mormon and Catholic churches are forced to beef up their security in Colorado after a a man who claims to be an Islamic Jihadist says he’s ready to make a point.

-In Britain, a lunch lady is fired for accidentally giving a Muslim student pork.

-A couple in Britain is out for a pro pet sponsored walk and are pelted by stones thrown by Muslims calling the family a bunch of pedophiles.

-Lastly, a young lady is shot in the head by Muslims and she survives. She begins speaking out against them only to be sent a letter from them promising that they’ll finish the job they started.

Radical Muslims can encourage and commit acts of violence, yet the mainstream media remains silent, being to busy trying to attack Christians. Anyone who speaks out against the radicals are made out to be crazy. Like President Obama said, “The future must not belong to those who would slander the prophet of Islam.” Islamic jihadists are typically the ones carrying out terrorist acts of violence and yet its Christians we’re worried about?

A good example is the Facebook page, “Virgin Mary should have aborted.” Originally the center of a story where people were trying to pressure Facebook to have it removed for encouraging violence. Let me be clear I am not for the removal of the page. Like Jefferson said, “For here we are not afraid to follow truth wherever it may lead, nor to tolerate any error so long as reason is left free to combat it.” After all the, Facebook page helps to illustrate my point. If you go to the page it doesn’t take long to see anti-christian rhetoric and pro-Muslim rhetoric; yet they claim they are against established religion? It just odd that often times when you see anti-christian practices, progressivism and Islamism are just around the corner.


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