What really led to Detroit’s bankruptcy?

We recently found a report funded by “The Skillman Foundation.” The report showed that just two years before Detroit went bankrupt, it’s citizens were already becoming morally and economically bankrupt. One key aspect in the decline of Detroit was the decline of kids being raised by their married parents, let alone in a two parent home.

Below are the bullet points from the report:

Economic Security:

  • Detroit’s official unemployment rate was just under 25 percent. Academics and city officials estimated the real rate was as high as 50 percent.
  • The majority of families with children were headed by a single female. Children living in female-headed families experienced far higher rates of poverty than children in families headed by married couples or by single males.
  • Just over half of Detroit’s children under 18 lived in poverty, compared to less than one in four children statewide.
  • More than half of Detroit households with children under 18 participated in Michigan’s Food Assistance Program, previously known as food stamps.
  • In Detroit, a high school education did not protect families against poverty: only a college education provided a statistically significant buffer.
  • During the last decade in Detroit, family and individual incomes fell by one-third while housing costs rose by nearly one-fifth.
  • The highest concentrations of children in Detroit live in Chadsey Condon and Southwest neighborhoods while parts of Brightmoor, Northend Central, and Cody Rouge have among the lowest concentrations of children.

Early Childhood Development:

  • The 2010 Right Start Michigan Report ranked Detroit as “high risk” due to the city’s rank on indicators signaling a higher probability of developmental delays and health problems in the first 5 years of life.
  • 39.7 percent of 3 and 4 year olds, or 14,460 children, were enrolled in nursery school or preschool.
  • Roughly 8,000 Detroit children age 0 to 5 were enrolled in Head Start and early head start

Health & Access to healthcare:

  • 94 percent of Detroit’s children and youth had health insurance.2
  • 64.5 percent of Detroit’s children and youth were covered by Medicaid.3
  • 58 percent of Detroit children age 19 to 35 months received all recommended immunizations.
  • 14.8 of every 1,000 infants born in Detroit died prior to their first birthday, a rate nearly double the state rate of 7.5 infant deaths.
  •  2.5 percent of all Detroit children tested had elevated blood lead levels


  • Comparing Detroit Public School students’ state and national test scores to scores of students statewide and in urban districts nationwide, it is clear Detroit Public Schools (DPS) are in crisis.
  • The majority of all Detroit schools failed to meet federal standards of Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) from 2006 through 2009 although the district met AYP during the 2009-2010 school year.
  • DPS enrollment declined precipitously over the last decade, as families moved out of the city while those families who stayed increasingly sent their children to public schools other than DPS.
  • Nearly four in five DPS students received free or reduced price meals at school.
  • Detroit charter schools educate disproportionately fewer special education students than their share of all Detroit public school students suggests they should.


  • The rate of child abuse or neglect in Detroit just barely exceeded the state rate but Detroit children were placed in out-of-home care at twice the state rate.
  •  Detroit had a violent crime rate four and a half times the national, and four times the Michigan, rate.
  • The death rate for Detroit children 1 to 14 years of age was nearly 6.5 times the state rate. For the 15 to 24 age cohort, Detroit’s death rate was 2.2 times the state rate.
  • Males represented 80 percent of the deaths of Detroiters age 15 to 24.]

Before and even after this report was published Bill O’reilly spoke out about these statistics and was portrayed as racist for his troubles.

One of the key aspects in the decline of Detroit was the decline of the home, “the majority of families in Detroit were headed by a single female,” not two adults, but rather a single adult. Below Rabbi Lapin explains the one thing that positively affects kids across America.

It has been proven over and over again that a citizenry will decline before the society as a whole declines. Looking at these stats, it’s not hard to believe that Chicago and New York City may be next. I doubt the academic merit of such a conservative claim? Then read up on “Social Bonds theory.” The fact is, kids often imitate their parents; so if the parents are irresponsible, then the kids will be irresponsible. If the citizens can’t be responsible then how can they expect their elected representatives to be responsible, and so on. It will continue, like a virus growing and spreading.


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