Should LGBT communities really be supporting Trayvon Martin?

After Zimmerman was acquitted thirty-five LGBT groups rallied together and released this statement “[W]e will honor Trayvon Martin by strengthening our commitment to end bias, hatred, profiling and violence across our communities.”

Yet we all remember Trayvons friend Jeantel on Piers Morgan who in her own way had described Martin as a homophobic racist and that Martin was scared that  a gay creepy ass cracker was following him. When asked if Martin was scared of Zimmerman? Jeantel said “Definitely after I say might be a rapist, for every boy, for every man, who’s not that kind of way, see a grown man following them, would they be creep [sic] out?”

So According to Jeantel, every boy, every man is a bit homophobic? Why didn’t the LGBT rally to support Zimmerman after he had been “profiled” as a gay creepy ass cracker? One would think that the LGBT group might find themselves more aligned with Zimmerman than with Martin since Jeantels appearance on Morgans show. Granted the group had released their statements hours before the Morgan show where Jeantel had described Martin as homophobic, but their statement has yet to be retracted.


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