Man is tortured because of his religious affiliation

Rabih Ahmad (a sunni muslim) and Rudayna Melaab (a druze), recently eloped and were married by a Sunni sheikh.  Prior to the marriage the couple had lied to the bride’s family and told them Ahmad was a Druze. After the two were married the brides family found out about the deception, confronted the couple, and then invited the newlyweds over for dinner to reconcile.

It had turned out that the dinner was a trap. The brides relatives led by her brother (a lebanese soldier) kidnapped Melaab and then dragged their new son in-law into the streets. After being dragged in the village square Ahmad was then beaten, had his teeth pulled out, had his testicles ruptured, and had his penis cut off.

“They cut it off to set an example” Ahmad said.

No one has seen the bride nor her family since the incident.

Bottom line is too many Americans complain about conservatives being biggots or haters and yet they don’t realize the true civil rights violations committed by religions and cultures out side the country. I mean a big point in the Obamacare campaign was that it helped “womens rights”. What about Melaabs rights? What about Nada al-Ahdal? Nada is an 11 year old girl from Yemen whose parents were forcing into an arranged marriage and even went as far as to threaten to kill her if she spoke out about it.


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