Common Nonsense: The Royal Baby is born and is now the perfect distraction

For those who haven’t heard or possibly haven’t cared, the British royal family gained a new family member Wednesday and we gained our first real “Common Nonsense” blog post. Prince William and Kates had a bouncing baby boy named George Alexander Louis.

Then of course the twitterverse lit up with comments ranging from “Congrats #williamandkate” to “he has kates lips” and even a few funny ones like “he has williams hair”. Quite possibly the most idiotic aspect of this story is that people in America are actually busy talking about the “Royal Baby” instead of……..? oh I don’t know The NSA ammendment, The House trying to stop Obamacare, or even Obamas awful speeches throughout the week. Take your pick of them, but there are far to many pressing matters going on here in America then some baby being born across the ocean. People on twitter were also debating the choosing the babies gender instead of letting it choose, click here to see the article.


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