Obamacare Marketing Campaign


The Obama administration is launching a nationwide campaign to advertise for the Affordable Care Act. The campaign will cost roughly 684 million dollars.

The administration is hoping to use this advertising to reach out to people that are unaware of Obamacare. It also seems as if the advertising could possibly be used to hoodwink the American people.

Advertising is used to make people aware of particular goods or services. It sounds harmless, right? Consider that advertising is sort of a social science. In fact, it deals a lot with psychology.

Most advertising agencies work close with psychologists while developing marketing campaigns. The psychologists use their understanding of the human mind to manipulate the target audience one way or another. In most cases the manipulation is to lead you to believe that their good or service is better than their competitor.

For example, Starbucks spends a lot of money to advertise their coffee beverages. The goal is to make you believe that their coffee is the best. Why else invest? Unfortunately, this does not always mean that its true. Your local coffee shop could, in fact, be better than Starbucks.

My point here is that you can spend all of the money that you want to advertise and manipulate your audience into thinking that your goods or services are the best, but it doesn’t guarantee that your goods or services are the best.

Another thing… the Obama administration shouldn’t have to advertise the Affordable Healthcare Act. If the constituents liked the legislation then their would be no need to advertise it. The fact that they have to advertise means that not enough people like the legislation to begin with.


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