Voters like Coal Industry more than the EPA

imagesA recently released poll reveals that 51% of American voters believe EPA regulations should require congressional approval before they can be implemented.  Another poll showed that 51% of Americans held a favorable view of the coal industry and that only 38% think Government is best bet for alternative energy development.  After comparing the two its easy to see that American voters have more confidence in the coal industry than the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Why should they have faith in the EPA after its recent errors in judgement.

The Washington Examiner found the EPA showed political bias against Conservative groups and selectively showed favoritism to green groups. The Examiner said,  “Conservative groups seeking information from the Environmental Protection Agency have been routinely hindered by fees normally waived for media and watchdog groups, while fees for more than 90 percent of requests from green groups were waived, according to requests reviewed by the Competitive Enterprise Institute.”

That isn’t the only bad call from the EPA’s poor judgement. The Gateway pundit reported that the EPA  handed extremist animal rights groups the personal information (phone numbers, addresses, and geographical coordinates) of livestock producers aka farmers. Let us also not forget that time when a federal judge had to step in and tell the EPA it was overstepping, because it was trying to argue that water should be treated as a pollutant.

Its clear why Americans don’t trust the EPA, but there is still one question let to be answered. What does the EPA do when its not pushing its progressive agenda?

An internal audit from earlier in the year reported that there were “secret rooms full of exercise equipment, televisions and couches” in a ” warehouse maintained by contractors for the Environmental Protection Agency.” So when EPA workers aren’t harassing conservatives about fees, their off building club houses for a super progressive club.  Are you curious if they’ve named it yet? Well here is a few possibilities….. “The Legion of Green” or “The Progressive League”… just take your pick.


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