Pets in danger of becoming homeless, PETA nowhere to be found

On June 26th, the Pittsburgh Tribune reported that James Kistler is being fined $500 a day. Why? For refusing to get rid of his pet ducks.  By having pet Ducks, Kistler is violating a local borough ordinance which bans almost any kind of pet except for a cat or dog. The ordinance implies that a kid can’t have pet crickets, snakes, or even a pet turtles for that matter. One might think that PETA would be all over this one, so where are they?

Well PETA was a little busy helping push the passing of  laws like the one described above. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t PETA exactly, but it was an agency almost identical to PETA in policy, agenda, it even has former PETA volunteers/employees in its ranks. The agency is the Humane society of the United States (HSUS).  Most people might think that with a name like “Humane society of the United States,” that its donations and funding would be going to Animal Shelters across America. Unfortunately, that’s not true. Only 1% of those funds go to animal shelters. An enormous amount of the funds get poured into animal rights lobbyist, buying off politicians to help push through laws that make raising livestock or purebred pets exorbitantly expensive. This leads to the creations of laws like the ones above.

It is not just enough to push the creation of such laws, HSUS has also been exerting influence upon the USDA to help enforce these ridiculous laws. The USDA in the past year has been working on the new Retail Pet Rule. This rule would regulate a majority small pet stores and breeders to fall under the jurisdiction of the Animal Welfare Act, subjecting them to the expensive process of USDA inspection and licensing. This rule might as well have been written by HSUS president Wayne Pacelle himself, who is famous for once saying, “I don’t want to see another cat or dog born.” Whats their End Game,  to see a meat-free America with all pets being adopted from shelters and all hunting and fishing prohibited by law.

Need more evidence of the USDA ominous agenda? Theres the magician who can’t do magic with his Rabbit unless he first gets a license. In order to get said License the magician must first crate a disaster plan for his rabbit. Next is the hog farmer who is facing a $700K fine from a law that was aimed at ridding his state from the breeding of pigs.  There is also the debate growing in Pennsylvania, as to whether the Agriculture can or should enforce new dog kennel laws drummed by the lobbyists upon the dogs owners.

The Bottom line is there are many programs at work in America pushing to radically change the way we live our day to day lives by increasing Governments say in our our lives on a daily basis. In this case the desired change is to make it so you can’t get a pet unless its from a shelter, a choice one should not be forced into making.


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