Americans support the civil rights of private businesses

A recent poll from Rasmussen reports showed 53% of Americans believe businesses should have the right to choose which customers they wish to serve. The survey  mainly listed those under the age of 25 as the ones to be denied service. The survey was also structured around the businesses of bartenders and landlords.

Another survey showed that 85% of Americans feel if a business owner has deeply held religious beliefs about marriage than they have a right to deny a same sex couple service. This survey comes after a A New Mexico court has upheld a ruling that it is illegal for Christian photographers to refuse their services to same-sex couples because of their faith, arguing that it would be discriminating against a person’s sexual orientation. Lets not forget the christian bakery who refused service to a same sex wedding.

Now let me be clear I am not an advocate against same sex marriages. I am apparently in agreement with well over 50% of the Americans who were polled. I am an advocate of the civil rights of private businesses, particularly their right to choose whom they wish to serve. I am Pro-choice for same sex couples to have the opportunity to choose to marry and for businesses to have the choice of whom they wish to render their services. There are exceptions in my opinion like businesses that sell water, medicine, or necessities in general. Those businesses would be doing harm by selectively choosing who would get their needs met. But cake? Photographs? Those aren’t needs and no danger comes from choosing not to provide those services. Furthermore who would want services from a business whose ideals are sharply different than their ideals?

Bottom line is these surveys give me a little bit hope, that America hasn’t been lost to the big government mind frame where business owners have no rights except those given to them by the government. At least Americans value a businesses right to choose, after all in the free market when a bad choice is made the consumers will unleash their fury by doing business with the competitors and in essence will drive the businesses making bad decisions into an early grave.

” I think all the world would gain by setting commerce at perfect liberty.”–Thomas Jefferson


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