Zimmerman Verdict Aftermath: Part 2/2


At the end of part one, I pretty much said that we should respect the jury’s verdict instead of criticizing it. I will always stand by this principle. Acting like crazy people no home training is not going to change anything. Instead, it degrades our society and seemingly takes us back decades

Make no mistake, protest is good and it is a demonstration of our right to free speech. However, there is a line that separates peaceful protest from not so peaceful protest. I support protest as long as it remains civil. The protesting has gotten out of control this time.

Not so peaceful Protests:

We hear of violent actions by some of the protesters daily and quite frankly, it is disturbing. Just yesterday a story released about demonstrators on a highway in Houston, TX assaulting a grandmother who was trying to get her grandchild to the emergency room.

Days before, a Pennsylvania business was vandalized and set ablaze with ‘Kill Zimmerman’ spray painted on the building.

Journalists aren’t even safe from the belligerent protester’s wrath. Dave Bryan, a reporter in Los Angeles, was reporting on the George Zimmerman protests in his area Monday night when he was unexpectedly assaulted on camera.

These are just a small few of the violent acts that the violent protesters have committed. Some of their acts would even be deemed criminal.

Be aware that the violent protesters only constitute a small percentage of the protesters. I have no issue with the peaceful protesters. I completely support their first amendment rights’. I just feel that the unlawful protesters are giving the peaceful protesters a bad name.

Public Scrutiny:

A lot of people have racially charged feelings about this verdict and the trial in general. Just because Trayvon Martin was black and George Zimmerman is not black is no reason to claim that race was involved. There are plenty of people that would have profiled Trayvon the same way, based solely on attire alone. Dr. James David Manning of the  ATLAH World Missionary Church in New York City best explains that in the below video.

The Public scrutiny has caused the United States Department of Justice to take a look at the case for themselves. To me, they are saying, “The people are not satisfied so we should try again.” In principle, it is double jeopardy. The DOJ claims that they are merely seeing if Trayvon’s rights’ were violated. They only say that to get around double jeopardy.

If you ask me Trayvon received justice. His accused murderer stood trial and the evidence was not enough to support a murder conviction. Millions of people disagreeing with the verdict does not automatically mean that the person is guilty or not guilty.

At this point in time, the only person who is having their civil rights’ violated is George Zimmerman.

For those unfamiliar with this case here are a few links to help out. I am also providing a link to the opening statement.

Click for timeline of case

Click for evidence photos

Click for Opening Statements


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