Larry Elder and Piers Morgan Square Off on Racial Misrepresentation

ImageLast Night, on Piers Morgans Live, Larry Elder and Piers Morgan squared off.                     What was the topic? Now that is the confusing part!

You see, there had been a series of twitter exchanges prior leading up to the show. In the exchanges Elder seems to take issue with who Piers deems dumb/smart saying, “To @piersmorgan, L. Pratt, Gun Owners America, is “an unbelievably stupid man.” But #RachelJeantel is “one smart cookie” hat tip: J.Janowski” .

Then Later Piers issues an offer to square off on his show: “Hey @larryelder – rather than pick on a 19 year old girl, come and debate this with me on my show. If you’ve got the balls.”

Finally Larry Elder accepts, “PIERS THROWS DOWN AT ELDER! IT’S ON! If @piersmorgan, you want me to debate you about this case, when and where, mi amigo, when and where?

And so it was:

After Reading the above tweets, one might think that piers was wishing to defend Rachel on the show while Elder wanted to debate the case on

the show; and you’d be reasonable to think such. It does seem however that there was a miscommunication between the personalities and their producers, since neither was on the same page and the debate was all over the place. While Elder did raise some great points he consistently refused to answer the pointed questions Piers was tossing his way, it almost seemed as though he were dodging them which is never good if you want viewers to believe your credible and on the right side. Ultimately though one consistent topic was discussed “Racial Misrepresentation”, whether viewing Rachel representing her self  as dumb/smart cookie; or black on black crime being underrepresented in the media in light of this case; or Elder trying to stat that Piers is misrepresenting the case.


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