Sequestration cuts Military Fourth of July Celebrations

First of all I hope everyone had a Happy Independence Day!!

Lets not forget the men and women who died to insure our independence. On this note,  I wish to express my sincere disdain toward the federal government as a whole. The broken system that is D.C., has somehow managed to deny certain military bases the opportunity to celebrate the fourth of July. They claim that due to a lack of funding from the sequestration they will cannot afford the festivities for those bases.

Yet the state department can afford $630,000 to spend getting Facebook buddies/likes.

The federal government is so carefully minding its budget this year that the IRS sent over $40 million in tax returns to “Unauthorized” workers at the same Georgia address.

All this while Mayor Bloomberg is trying to ban sparklers. Bloomberg claims its because they would be dangerous in the hands of terrorists. What will the terrorists be lighting those sparklers with? Lighters? Matches? Why not ban those too? Although knowing Bloomberg those things aren’t to far behind.

Sadly this is an Independence Day where I have sat backed and asked myself is this still Independence Day or has Americans become so engulfed in the Paula Dean BS that they haven’t noticed Independence Day slowly being dismantled or one might argue its not being dismantled its just falling apart. Regardless this is a hard reality check that I’ve was dealt yesterday. Its those citizens who aren’t alert and the politicians like Bloomberg that could lead to a future America where the children will look back at the verizon commercial (seen below) and wander what it must have been like to celebrate Independence Day with sparklers.


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