Segregation is still Alive and Well!!

 Segregation is dead! University’s have done away with segregation!                                       THINK AGAIN! 

According to Webster online Segregation is defined as:

” 1: the act or process of segregating : the state of being segregated                                     2a : the separation or isolation of a race, class, or ethnic group by enforced or voluntary residence in a restricted area, by barriers to social intercourse, by separate educational facilities, or by other discriminatory means”

During a tea party rally which was held last month “Capitol Hill Police Officer Sandra Brown left a voice message for Kevin Mooneyhan, Deputy Executive Director of the Tea Party Patriots, the group holding a rally at noon Wednesday on the West Lawn of the Capitol. In the message, Officer Brown told Mr. Mooneyhan that attendees of the Tea Party Patriots rally on the West Lawn were prohibited from attending Congressman Steve King’s (R-IA) immigration event on the East Lawn, due to the terms of the Tea Party Patriots permit.” [see for more]

Last year  before the 2012 election it was announced, “The University of Colorado will segregate students who have concealed-weapons permits in special dorms……The university’s policy change comes after the Colorado Supreme Court upheld an appeals-court decision in March that struck down the university’s ban on guns.” [see U.S. News for more]

My Opinion: Segregation was wrong back in the early 1900’s when it came to males/females, blacks/whites, and East Germany/West Germany. Therefore it is also wrong for students with guns/students with no guns, tea party members/republican party members.

In the case of the Univ. of Colarado, they are WRONG for using segregation as an attempt to scapegoat a supreme court ruling.

In the case of the capitol police, they are WRONG for trying to police which rallies U.S. Citizens can and cannot attend based upon those citizens party affiliation.


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