When a relaxing shower becomes illegal

Visited my local Home Depot the other day to get a new shower head because the current one my apartment has installed has very little water pressure to it. I then learn from the guy in plumbing that there is a law mandating that shower heads can only use  “x” many gallons thereby causing the water pressure to be lessened when comparing them to older models; and this law has been on the books for sometime.

I did a little digging and heres what I found. First he was right, the EPA law is titled [H.R. 776 SEC. 123 subsection (j)] but this law doesnt just stop at shower heads it covers toilets, faucets, light bulbs, etc. It has actually been on the books since 1994.

Here are some screenshots of the bill in PDF format:


This is the section on toilets, can you imagine how many clogs would be avoided if we still had 6GPF flushing power at our disposal?:


After looking around I soon learned I’m not the only one who has had this issue and apparently there was a decent deal made about this when the law was passed because there was a Seinfeld episode all about obtaining an illegal shower head.

Wow, I didn’t realize how much better my parents and older siblings had it compared to me. Then they fell asleep at the wheel when it came time for voting as such we got crappy laws like this passed down to me. Now if I were to modify my shower head as to give me 3.0 GPM I’d be breaking the law in the same way as if I were modifying a shotgun by sawing off the barrel.

Final thoughts:

Can we ever begin to reverse the growth of government? Will we ever succeed in getting politicians to understand they are not “lawmakers”, they are public servants? They don’t get paid to make laws they are paid to serve and what could possibly be a better service than assuring we all get the shower we deserve by having them began to repeal dumb laws like this one. This is just another example on how government uses “Social” “Environmental” issues to encroach upon our freedoms and our way of life up to and including the point at which our lifestyle then becomes criminal.


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