Paula Dean says the N*word 26 years ago:

Firstly, I love how a U.S. citizen stating an obscene word 26 years ago and retail stores protesting her now= Controversy; meanwhile 70% of those individuals probably do not know who Bernanke is, what mortgage backed securities are, or what rehypothecation means.The person has a right to free speech by which they can make any statement they wish as such private businesses have the right to chose not to carry that persons products and yes citizens in turn can choose not to shop at the businesses thereby hurting the employees of those businesses.A better way to support the individual would be to spend more money buying their products, but no ones going to do that because that equals work and is a positive act while simply speaking out against businesses and not shopping at those businesses is easy and a negative inaction.

A better way to support free speech in general would be to list that persons name and the word they said as a FB post and then fight off the onslaught of those FB friends who get offended and in turn use their free speech to express their disdain toward your free speech.

Its just childish, be happy to have the freedoms we have left and try focusing on bigger things from the bigger picture………. btw keep debating among yourselves ‘merica thats how the enemies of freedom begin win.

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