International Communications Union [ITU] is After Control of The Internet

“Internet in ITU hands”

Their Plan:

According to the Kansas City Star,

“Delegates from 193 countries will gather Dec. 3 in the city-state of Dubai to consider plans for changing how the Internet is run.Hosted by the International Telecommunication Union, an arm of the United Nations, the conference agenda includes 450 proposals for changes in international communications regulations. Some of these proposals are benign. But others threaten to undermine the Internet freedoms that are essential to spurring economic growth and protecting human rights.”

Thats right the U.N. is now making a grab for the internet and what will they do once they have it? Will they silence opposition, censor speech, or just license out its use for a small fee? Its a safe bet to guess that it will no longer be a free spout off on Facebook type medium any longer, should the ITU get their hands on it. Why? Because this ITU movement is spearheaded by freedoms enemies China, Russia, etc. and none of them have been tolerative of their own citizens free speech. Why then might they indulge Americas free speech?

The point is freedom is yet again under attack and its not just those crazy informed patriots who are saying this, liberal-progressive institutions like Google and Facebook are also speaking out. A Google spokesperson said,

“More than 100 organizations from 50+ countries have raised concerns about an upcoming closed-door meeting in December in Dubai, where governments will consider proposals to increase regulation and censorship of the Internet. People can learn more about the issue on our website — and if they choose to do so, can pledge their support for a free and open Internet.”

My Opinion:

Honestly I say give it to the ITU (U.N.), maybe then Google and Facebook will see progessivism for what it is and maybe, just maybe, they’ll begin backing away from the radicals like Obama. Also I believe such an act might further the purpose of Project: Regeneration by waking up those uninformed patriots out there who have fallen victim to progressive/socialist ideals or even voter efficacy. Once they see they have to pay to use Facebook and even when they pay to use it they can’t rant like they use to, maybe then they’ll TAKE ACTION. I think Bruce Wayne had it right, “People need dramatic examples to shake them out of Apathy.” which reminds me when I saw a little bit of Regeneration earlier this week at the grocery store where to friends wear in search of wonder bread only for me to inform them that they went out of business because they were owned by Hostess whom had fallen victim to unions; or when I heard a father explaining to his little girl that her favorite snack Twinkies might live on because a Mexican bakery was trying to buy the recipe to make them. The dramatic example hasn’t been dramatic enough its going to take something bigger. These people indicated a slight awakening of America but they still aren’t quite there; for instance the father should have told his daughter “I’m sorry sweety but the evil unions killed Hostess the baker that makes our American Twinkies that way she would grow up having a realistic view toward unions one which could withstand the lessons taught by liberal professors. Hence if a professor tried to profess of how great unions are she would have that said memory of her dead friend Hostess to remind her of the TRUTH.

Hold to the TRUTH,

Milton L. Jefferson


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