Benghazi Deaths add up to Fox News HYPE?

Yesterday Tom Ricks  down played the Benghazi attack comparing it to just “some firefight”.  [See The full clip click Here]

Ricks is a writer for the Washington Post and a Member of the Center for a New American Security.

During his interview with Fox News he stated, “I think Benghazi generally was hyped, by this network [Fox News] especially”.

After chalking Benghazi up to hype Ricks was asked, “When you have four people dead including the first U.S. ambassador in more than thirty years i how do you call that hype?”

To which Ricks dodged the question with a question, “Do you recall how many security contractors died in Iraq?”. Wait did the original question mention “security contractors” or “Iraq”? I though the question was asking about the first murdered U.S. Ambassador within the past 30 years, you know the one who was murdered in Bengahzi while in a U.S. Embassy. Maybe I’ve fallen prey to this magical Fox News hype considering Fox News isn’t my primary news source. Wait does that mean CNN hyped this up as well? I mean the thing that brought this home for me was when Anderson Cooper interviewed the mother of the murdered contractor named “Vile_Rat”?

What struck me the most was Ricks’ confidence in Susan Rice when he said, “they’re not gonna stop Susan west wing secretary of state”. I mean this woman went on TV without having all the facts and repeatedly blamed a video on youtube whose creator by the way is now behind bars. Then she has yet to apologize to the public for spreading the misinformation. Yet her Ricks is thinking she should get secretary of state, Really?

Trust but verify,

Milton L. Jefferson


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