Finding Nemo, Anti-American?

I Couldn’t believe my ears when watching the Pixar Disney movie today as a childrens movie began spewing Anti-American rhetoric.

After hearing it I immediately posted it on the TART youtube channel here is the clip:

In this clip, the sharks become aware of nemo being stolen. The sharks reply by saying with disdain “Humans, think they own everything.” “Probably American”. First of all the divers in this film are portrayed as cold evil machine like villains (the sharks are depicted as being more caring than the divers).

Next, the sharks associate the divers with America, but wait lets not forget the divers were really Australian …. So why bring up America at all? Well the progressive mind might respond to that question by saying, “WHY NOT take an opportunity where we suggest to kids that Americans are cold, machine like, and think they can take everything?

This isn’t just anti-american, the quote “Humans, think they can take everything” is also Globalist, Green, UN Agenda 21 rhetoric where the progressives seek to guilt trip our youth continuously through school  the movies, and even books; by having them think humans are evil and are destroying our planet. This way who else can save the planet, except the a global governance? Some may find my distaste towards such propaganda, as being over sensitive; to those I might ask was it over sensitivity that lost us the last generation to the socialist progressive mainstream ideals? I think that what lost us that generation was not being sensitive to this stuff, not being attentive enough, and most of all turning a blind eye to our children at times when we believed them to be free from such anti-american influence. Before this past year I would have never thought twice about leaving my kids in front of a Disney Pixar movie, that’s when they’re minds are suppose to be free to imagine and free from mainstream guilt trips like this.

Right about now you’re probably thinking “well I just won’t let my kids watch Pixar any longer.

First of all, I am not suggesting nor will I suggest you boycott someone at an attempt to censor them. We don’t want to silence our opposition, instead we want to lend our voice to our allies. Silencing Pixar is the lazy way out and the lazy way is what got us here to begin with. Instead we must critically review these voices with our children and strive to seek the truth with our children, then once we’ve found the truth we must teach our children to hold on to the truth so that no future generation will forget what it means to be patriotic.

Second, where will you go once you’ve silenced that entertainment source? Where will you go then? to their competitors (Dreamworks)? Really? Let us then look at Dreamworks another animation studio producing movies that entertain our children. Their CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg, has donated $2.566 millon to advance these progressive ideals. So what then? Will you silence them? No instead you should regenerate a new genration of informed patriots so that 20 years down the road when they begin their careers, those who might choose to become animators will then animate in such a way to further patriotic American ideals. We’ve already seen this with Iron-Man and the Avengers; the games not over yet, we still have a shot to regenerate the heart of America.

In concluding, I must ask “Do you still believe that there’s not a war waging over the Americas youth (AKA Americas spirit, Americas future)?”  These types of Progressive subversion’s are already institutionalized and are occurring everywhere; That is why it now falls upon the shoulders of informed patriots to be shy no longer. To speak up by shouting out the truth without fear so that not one more citizen falls prey to these false claims and socialistic ideals. As a wise blogger once wrote, “If you can’t take up a sword then for gods sake pick up a pen.”  This is why we at TART decided the REGENERATION of Americas youth is so important. Its why we were determined to bring Project Regeneration to the forefront of our TART mission. Through this project we can help inform one another, sending the two lanterns so that other Americans might know that “The progressives are here! The Socialists are here! … They’re coming by movies, by schools, and by books!”

Emergency is upon us let us be shy no longer,

Milton L. Jefferson


One thought on “Finding Nemo, Anti-American?

  1. I can’t believe you would take that quote and get offended. You Americans just can’t laugh at yourselves at all. It’s easy to offend someone when they’re looking to be offended. Truth is, the world view of America is that it thinks it’s the greatest, the “free world”, the centre of the world. As an Australian, I could interpret the quote to become offensive to Australians, because it suggests that we are racist. But it’s freaking Finding Nemo. Give your kids some credit. They will not become anti-American. Yeesh.

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