TART – Two sides

Not long ago in the era of the 1990’s Progressive socialists succeeded in their plan to infiltrate the United States, to institutionalize their ideals, and carving out the heart of lady liberty by corrupting the children of the 90’s and few Americans did anything to stop it. Today, theres a battle brewing this time Classic liberals, conservatives, and libertarians have banned together in an effort to reclaim libertys heart (the next gen) through REGENERATION!!! This battle is being waged publicly, by two political sides, and this time lady liberty might have a chance.

This is the new TART video covering this war where progressive socialists are trying to claim our youth and change them into a me-generation, we must stop them through regeneration. For help in regenerating youth in your area as well as yourselves check out our “project: Regeneration” tab.

If you believe America was one of the greatest countries in the world and can be again, if you believe capitalism is the economy of our ancestors and what worked for them can work for us, If you believe the good of the individual is whats best for all and not the public good, If you believe our children are our future and right now we’re living in the future created by the children of the nineties; Then Join us in Regenerating America!!!!!


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