Reasons I’m voting Romney/Ryan: #1 Jobs

  1. Jobs:  Staples, Sports Authority, Home Depot, Best Buy and Lockheed/Martin; What is their connection with jobs and this election? Throughout this election the MSNBC and Democrats have painted a picture of Romney being an evil villain who has led his evil corporation “Bain capitol” in a war against jobs.  The fact is Staples and Sports Authority founders have came out in support of Romney because without Bain capitol they would not exist. I am in a similar mind frame I support Romney because I owe my first paid job to Bain; that job was a sales associate at home depot. Home Depot was also helped by Bain and look all three are still standing in this bad economy in spite of the presidents policies. Where does BestBuy and Lockheed/martin fit in? After 3 ears of this recession and this presidents policies both companies have had to lay off employees; Best Buy has even had to close stores.

Now sure there are still jobs being created and unemployment is going down. What kinds of jobs have been created? Nearly 40 percent of the jobs gained since the recovery began — about 1.7 million —  have come from three low-wage sectors: food services, retail, and employment services (the latter is a sweeping category encompassing jobs like office clerks and sales representatives). AKA low wage jobs AND Part time jobs. Why part time, because under Obamacare if businesses hire full time employees then they’re on the hook to pay more money to employees insurance.

Why is unemployment going down? According to Ben Bernanke (The chairman of the Federal Reserve) says its due to a lack of participation. Lack of participation means no one is looking for jobs any more they’ve given up and have become discouraged. Unemployed persons who stop looking for jobs and are discouraged are not counted toward the unemployment number, so if all unemployed Americans just stop looking for work, then unemployment would be “0”.


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