War on Religion: More Progressive Hypocrisy

Recently Lawrence O’ Donnell attacked Bill O’Rielly for attacking an Athiest who had attacked Christmas. Confusing right?

To begin an Atheist disputed calling the winter solace holiday Christmas and said that the U.S. Government was being unconstitutional when it showed preference to Christians. So O’Rielly went on the offensive in debating those notions with the Atheist  Then O’Donnell showed clips of O’Rielly and Pat Robertson as Atheist bashing Christians who were Continue reading


A Re-generation Hollywood Teen; Speaking without Fear!!!

Recently a Teenage Hollywood actor spoke out against his own show calling it “Filth”.  Why is this news worthy? Because it is shocking  Shocking that in today’s time anyone might stand on principles and morals to speak truth, that’s before you include the unbelievable facts that the someone is a Hollywood actor and a Teenager/young adult. Who is this bold Regenerationer? His name is Continue reading

Dream Act: A way for illegals to skip the line for legal citizenship

President Obamas beloved Dream Act is a way for illegal citizens born illegally in the U.S. to get citizenship. The parents of these kids basically skipped the line for citizenship. Think of how those who are trying to get legal citizenship feel, its a lot like going to theme park EARTH and waiting in line to ride the AMERICAN DREAM only to have someone behind you and your kid skip the line with their kid. Then when confronted by theme park security they hold up their kid as a shield, at which point the security gives in saying “Ok we have to have a heart.” Then as your still waiting in line with your child doing the right thing the line skippers kid is riding the AMERICAN DREAM laughing and smiling, what kind of message does that send to your kid; If you don’t do the right thing you get rewarded?

International Communications Union [ITU] is After Control of The Internet

“Internet in ITU hands”

Their Plan:

According to the Kansas City Star,

“Delegates from 193 countries will gather Dec. 3 in the city-state of Dubai to consider plans for changing how the Internet is run.Hosted by the International Telecommunication Union, an arm of the United Nations, the conference agenda includes 450 proposals for changes in international communications regulations. Some of these proposals are benign. But others threaten to undermine the Internet freedoms that are essential to spurring economic growth and protecting human rights.” Continue reading

Benghazi Deaths add up to Fox News HYPE?

Yesterday Tom Ricks  down played the Benghazi attack comparing it to just “some firefight”.  [See The full clip click Here]

Ricks is a writer for the Washington Post and a Member of the Center for a New American Security.

During his interview with Fox News he stated, “I think Benghazi generally was hyped, by this network [Fox News] especially”.

After chalking Benghazi up to hype Ricks was asked, “When you have four people dead including the first U.S. ambassador in more than thirty years i how do you call that hype?” Continue reading