Donald Trump: “An Offer Obama Can’t Refuse”!!

Recently, Mr. Trump has published an offer to POTUS, Tump has called it “an offer he can’t refuse”. Does this sound “Mafia like” to anyone? Well it may then again it may not after you hear the offer: [Trump will give $5 million to the charity of the presidents choosing if the president were to release his college transcripts.] Really, Trump thats your, “big offer which POTUS can’t refuse”?

Now this does cause me concern as I am someone who is an outspoken critic of our current presidents beliefs/policies. How then is this bad for someone like myself? The biggest reason is Public Opinion. Public opinion is the game changer of this election. Take for instance past presidential races, no sitting president has ever won re-election with an approval rating under 50%. President Obama is on that mark and he is delicately trying to balance himself so as to prevent it from getting lower. Romney has also encountered the fast paced ever changing public opinion, after his first debate; Man, that one was a blow out. Why di the public opinion shift so quickly, because up until that point no one had ever see Mitt Romney unless he were in an Obama ad getting hammered or in a speech excerpt clip being replayed over the mass media, so the public only knew him as an evil rich white man waging a war against illegals, blacks, and women. Then they saw how authoritative he looked and how concerned for the country he really is. How could so much be undone so quickly in one debate as to shift public opinion in Romneys favor by upwards of 7 points in some polls? Up until this point the president, congress  and even Obamacare has wedged a division across the country and where there is division there to must also be competition; therefore like with American idol or any other mainstream competition all the rip van winkles “tuned in” to “get caught up” so afterward they could  “vote” and have their voice heard in all of their friends FB/Twitter conversations. So you see the key ingredients are competition, TV, FB, and Twitter.

With everyone so tuned in now, the Donald Trump announcement will be like a special performer or guest appearing on American idol, to wear all those “tuned in” will be watching breathlessly to see the action unfold. Theres the problem the donald didn’t really deliver any action, nor did he shake things up. People will not only be angry at the wasted attention they gave to Trump, they’ll also be turned off by the attitude Trump had when he was publishing the video and they will be turned off by the fact that the college transcripts are sooo minute in this election especially when you consider the big hitters: Obamacare, you didn’t build that, the 47%, the libya protests/terrorist attacks, and the vp debates. So again their turned of by, Trump how is bad news for someone like myself? Picture the Rip Van Winkles as the Snooki type from Jersey shore, except now shes angry and their are thousands of her, so now theres a big angry mob of snooki’s, and who is this mob going to take their frustrations out on? Donald? How? What can they do to make him pay? Nothing except not vote for the guy which Trump himself has endorsed. Yes this is the million dollar answer, Trumps video will hurt Romney.

How much will it hurt Romney in votes, pins, polls? I don’t know. Will it be enough to send this election 100% in Obamas favor? No, but what it will do is slam the brakes on Romneys momentum bringing it to a sudden stop and wherever that momentum stops….I believe that is where this election will end. Could I be overestimating the number of Rip Van Winkles? Am I exaggerating in regards to their emotions and stupidity? Yes not all Rip Van Winkles are Snookis. the Rip Van Winkles that only tuned in to the news or politics so they could get caught up on the debates, those are the ones who are mostly the Snooki type. How many of those are out there? I don’t know, I think its somewhere around 5 million people, really its just my opinion this video will not help Romney in any way, it an opinion and nothing more.

By: Milton Jefferson

Co-founder of TART


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