Did Sam really break bad, with his new anti-romney ad?

“We’re all on our own, if Romney has his way.”–Samuel L. Jackson

“I guess ole Sam ain’t got no Fam, but then who gave him that dime just for layin his rhyme?
It was not the Obama gov, nor the jedi. It was the jewish council who paid that black guy.

Its here they’ll cry racism, as a way to distract
from the fact that its Obama who has moved capitalism so far off trackĀ and its that attack which inspired me to act and stand up high as I repeatedly shout “You Lie!”

Funny, capitalism is the way sam got some pay as he sat there and cried about how his people will be over looked by this mormon guy.
Guess he gotta do what he can for his slice of the pie, but then hows that different from what Bain capital tried …..oh yeah Obama claims its bains fault some woman died? “—Milton L. Jefferson