Law Enforcement Looking For A Needle But Want The Haystack! Privacy, Anyone?

Question to ponder: Imagine for a moment that you are having a private conversation with someone on your cell phone via text message or phone call. How would you feel if the said conversation wasn’t as private as you thought?

In today’s “digital age” it is becoming increasingly easier for law enforcement to invade one’s privacy. It’s reported that last year (2011), law enforcement authorities submitted over 1.3 million demands for cell phone subscriber information. These include demands for “Cell Phone tower” dump files, which give law enforcement all data from cell phone users within range of that particular tower in question.

The requesting of dump files makes it  sound like law enforcement authorities want anything that they can get their hands on. Its as if, they are policing our interactions with one another (the proverbial haystack) in hopes that they will prevent something before it happens (the proverbial needle). Yes, I agree that law enforcement should try to be proactive anywhere that they can; but are we as a nation of freedom, willing to give up our privacy for our own “protection”? This is just another instance of the USA Patriot Act taking advantage of the American people! I would understand if law enforcement asked for specific records that would help in a court trial or during a manhunt, but why should we all lose our right to privacy? The way I see it, unless there is enough “just cause,” law enforcement has no right to invade our privacy: court ordered or not!

This intrusion of privacy is even defended as being a resource for surveillance. Many of us could be under surveillance at this very moment without even the slightest knowledge. In many cases, law enforcement can gain permissions to this means of access by way of a court ordered subpoena. Is this really what privacy is all about?

Posted by: Michael W. Stone

A Contributor to The Constitutional Knight

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