Independence Day Weekend 2 of 2

Who might not celebrate Independence Day?:

People like Chris Rock perhaps? Not sure of what I’m referring to, then read my earlier post. Funny that people like Chris Rock should exercise their free speech in such a manner that neglects those who fight to protect it. Those who fight and arrive home heroes or veterans. What is truly sad is the fact that after their return from duty most Americans go on with their lives forgetting about those veterans until the next parade, award ceremony,  or the occasional veterans day celebration . But the truth is that veterans often suffer emotional injuries from their service which leave them just as scarred as the physical injuries. In 2006, over 400,000 vets were homeless at some point. Now 1 in 4 vets are homeless this is particularly disturbing when factoring in the ACA/Obamacare. Remember with the ACA any American without health insurance will be penalized/taxed, this includes veterans. As most citizens know, veterans are already eligible for Medicare and some gov benefits. We should also remember that these homeless veterans are often homless for mental issues and therefore never apply for said benefits. There is also the possibility that some vets are like the 14 million Americans eligible for medicare and yet do not apply for whatever reason.

My Opinion: We should try our best to help the veterans in need not just the homeless veterans, after all it is because of them that we can celebrate Independence Day and that Chris Rock can have Freedom of Speech. This in mind, we should address the issue of how the ACA will treat citizens in similar situations to that of the homeless vets. Will the ACA penalize/tax them regardless if their mentally ill or for whatever reason just don’t want government insurance. To conclude, I have to say for the ACA to penalize/tax in a manner described above would be morally wrong if not legally wrong.

By: Milton L. Jefferson


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