Independence day weekend, Part 1 of 2

Hope Everyone had a Great Independence day:

Or as Chris Rock said.. “Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren’t free but I’m sure they enjoyed fireworks” [His Tweet] Before KKK members leave their new favorite pass time of adopting/cleaning highways to pursue Mr. Rock, let us first consider the facts.

Fact: Slaves were not freed before nor on the 4th of July. Slavery ended in the US officially on December 6, 1865 when the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution was ratified.

Fact: Mr. Rock is not the first black man to say something along these lines. Frdrick Douglass was one of the first saying “What to a slave is the fourth of July?” in this speech.

Fact: Independence Day doesn’t celebrate freedom in the overall sense, it celebrates the Birth of America via the Declaration of Independence which separated us from Great Britan. [Signing] Mr. Rock is obviously ignorant to this fact, just like hes ignorant to the fact that its “Independence Day” not “independence day” to use the latter is viewed as a sign of ignorance or disrespect. Granted many have expanded their view of Independence Day to encompass other reasons to celebrate, some have a view like Mr. Rocks, many have the view that it also celebrates those who have given their time, families, and lives for every Americans freedom.

After the seeing these facts: Its clear Mr. Rock doesn’t realize what Independence day truly celebrates. He doesn’t realize that its “Independence Day” as in Declaration of Independence not “white peoples independence”. Nor does he realize the date of Fredrick Douglass’s speech which was July 5th not 4th , for he did not wish to incite his opinion on the 4th as he realized its potential to be then viewed as a form of disrespect. Which brings this last point to the foreground: If Mr. Rock did realize the above, then his actions can only be viewed as a sign of disrespect. Disrespect for the founding fathers, disrespect for the Declaration, disrespect for the Constitution, disrespect for the Unite States, disrespect for those who died so the our constitution could exists (more importantly the 13th amendment), and ultimately disrespect for our soldiers currently serving at home or overseas.

My Opinion: Independence Day is not the time to address the actions of those like Mr. Rock, rather we should do like Mr. Douglass and as a form of respect wait until after the 4th.  After the 4th, as in this Independence Day weekend when your with your family, friends, and neighbors (white, black, green, or otherwise) are cooking out. Everyone who gathers and has a Independence Day cookout is celebrating the signing of the declaration whether they know it or not. So make sure and mention that Chris Rock feels black people shouldn’t have an Independence Day cookout or at the very least shouldn’t be invited, because its not for them. None the less bring it up for discussion this weekend and get some opinions on it.

Happy Independence Day Weekend!!!

Milton L. Jefferson


2 thoughts on “Independence day weekend, Part 1 of 2

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