A Call To Action!

Benjamin Franklin once said that, “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” I believe that Franklin was telling us is that if a nation/people let their guard down just a little, the government would slowly take  more and more, responsibility and freedom from the people. In doing so, the governing body would become increasingly powerful. Its leaders would become so power-loving that they would stop at nothing to take complete control from their constituents. In the process, making the government larger and larger to the point where it is no longer the republic which our founding fathers risked everything to erect firmly in this nation.

republic is a unique form of government where the ultimate power is held by the people and their elected officials. America is among the few places on earth where the people rule. Yet, for some reason many people do not make their voices heard! Other nations would be overjoyed to have the freedom to vote given to them. A large number of my fellow Americans, refuse to use this privilege and for whatever reasons, they aren’t bothered by their decision.

Why do some people refuse to vote? Here are a few excuses…

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The Mass Media who cried Controversy!!!

Is the media like the boy crying he saw a wolf?: Today Mitt Romney spoke at the NAACP convention, a place many Romney supporters had claimed would be hostile. During the speech Romney said to help promote job growth Obamacare should be repealed. The NAACP audience booed at Romney’s statement. There have been continuing News reports and articles circulating this clip around at an attempt to stir up some controversy.

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California Legislature funding Billions into New Rail System; Are they on a Crazy Train or Are they Insane?

ALL ABOARD!!: Five days ago, California’s legislature voted on and approved $8 Billion of their funds to be allocated for the construction of a high speed rail line. Though this has been a controversial form of spending a few government employees support this. U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood stated, “I congratulate the Legislature on taking this action, which will create thousands of jobs and strengthen the California economy,” in a recent blog post. Yes it will create jobs, but for how long? What do the workers do once the construction is finished? The vote for approval reflect the controversy surrounding this rail line, with the results being 21-16 and passing only after years of heated debates, setbacks, and lest we forget a lot of debt.

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Law Enforcement Looking For A Needle But Want The Haystack! Privacy, Anyone?

Question to ponder: Imagine for a moment that you are having a private conversation with someone on your cell phone via text message or phone call. How would you feel if the said conversation wasn’t as private as you thought?

In today’s “digital age” it is becoming increasingly easier for law enforcement to invade one’s privacy. It’s reported that last year (2011), law enforcement authorities submitted over 1.3 million demands for cell phone subscriber information. These include demands for “Cell Phone tower” dump files, which give law enforcement all data from cell phone users within range of that particular tower in question.

The requesting of dump files makes it  sound like law enforcement authorities want anything that they can get their hands on. Its as if, they are policing our interactions with one another (the proverbial haystack) in hopes that they will prevent something before it happens (the proverbial needle). Yes, I agree that law enforcement should try to be proactive anywhere that they can; but are we as a nation of freedom, willing to give up our privacy for our own  Continue reading

Supreme Court sides with Arizona, not with the Presidents DOJ

The Ruling: Three days before the controversial ACA(Obamacare) ruling, another SCOTUS ruling managed to slip under the radar. The ruling was issued in regards to a new Arizona immigration law. Some portions were ruled unconstitutional while the main controversial potion was ruled constitutional. The portion of the law still standing, required “that police, while enforcing other laws, question people’s immigration status if officers have reasonable suspicion they’re in the country illegally.” The constitutional ruling was unanimous meaning  liberal and conservative justices BOTH agreed Arizona was well within the constitution when crafting thispart of the law, No liberal-conservative divide here.

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An Outdated Concept? The Electoral College

Several forms of government exist in every corner of the World, each of them with their own unique histories, ideals, and principles. Though some forms, such as democracy, are more prevalent than others.  “Democracy” (Demos Kratia in Greek) is defined as “people rule” or “rule of the people” (1).  In other words, it is a government in which its citizens play a vital role in the decision making of the country.  Over the course of history several politically inclined minds have supported the ideas embraced in the concepts of democracy. One of the most influential minds in American government, being John Locke, who elevated democracy to a “scale in which people govern only indirectly and for instrumental purposes” (McNamara 4). During the American Revolution, Americans defended their actions against Great Britain based on Lockean grounds. When they actually gained their independence in 1776 to become the United States of America, they based their constitution on those same Lockean grounds.

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Stolen Valor Act of 2005… Repealed by SCOTUS!

The Stolen Valor Act of 2005 was ruled out by the Supreme Court, by a vote of 6-3 (as of 06/28/2012).  Enacted by the 109th  Congress, January of 2006;  its main purpose was to “enhance protections relating to the reputation and meaning of the Medal of Honor and other military decorations and awards, and for other purposes.”

As absurd as it may sound, the First Amendment of our Constitution seems to have been used as a basis for the argument. Where to draw the line on Free Speech has long been a valid question; but to what end? It doesn’t seem quite right for someone to impersonate a person in the military, former or current. Even more so, if there was something to gain by doing so.

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