Another instance of Law enforcement abusing their discretion

On Thursday, Natalie Plummer was  walking by when she saw that law enforcement had set up a speed trap nearby. She then decided to make a sign warning drivers of the speed trap that lay ahead. The officer then arrested her, placing her in jail for………….standing on the median when a usable side walk was nearby, technically classified as a misdemeanor. So not only is it illegal in some states to possess a radar detector, but now one citizen can’t use their freedom of speech to caution other citizens of impending surveillance without law enforcement abusing their power to silence the warning. And for what? More taxes/fines to fund roads/law enforcement? I mean really why is it so bad to speed and get away with it? Isn’t it drunk driving that kills not fast driving? Isn’t it lobby groups like mothers against drunk driving seeking law enforcements help, not mothers against fast driving? [Plummer]

By: Milton L. Jefferson


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