54% of Americans believed the ACA/Obamacare should have been repealed……Why?

Not the 99%; but rather the 54%: According to a series of polls, only 39% of americans support the ACA/Obamacare. Considering some argue ACA is about the needs of the many over the needs of the few; isn’t the many the 54% agianst ACA/Obamacare and the few being the 39% who support it? Still we must beg the question why do the many “54%” believe ACA/Obamacare is a bad law/policy.

My Opinion: Some people justify the ACA/Obamacare by saying its important that people will be “able” to get insurance, even if it means you “have” to get insurance. Is there really that many Americans who “can’t” get insurance already? Maybe a more accurate description is that many Americans chose not to get insurance. Crazy right, People choosing to do something that many politicians, scientist, and doctors argue isn’t good for them. It’s not like people don’t already do this by choosing to eat fast food on a daily basis, drink alcohol, smoke tobacco, have unprotected sex, drink sodas, eat Twinkies, or even drive without a seatbelt.

Only 4,000,000 uninsured: Lets face it “ the number of those who lack insurance, pegged by the Census at 46 million in 2007”.

-Of that 46 million “According to recent NYT article…..More than 14 million americans qualify for medicaid insurance, but for whatever reason they have not enrolled.” (why? maybe I dunno [free will/their choice]).

-Of the remaining 32 million, “18 million make more than $50,000 a year and more than half of those 18 million make more than $75,000 a year.” (and they don’t have coverage? Maybe their like most “rich” people they prefer to pay in cash).

-With 14 million uninsured not yet discussed, “10 million are residents but not American citizens” (i.e. like the 80,000 illegal immigrants allowed to stay ing u.s. per pres. Obamas recent exec. order oh joy can you imagine how many more illegals will come after here after they hear this? I mean if they keep crossing at this rate we will have to wait to see our doctors; unless we beat the van of illegal’s by getting to the doc office first, yeah I’m investing in an Audi for this purpose.)

-Leaving 4 million actually uninsured, like myself maybe they don’t want or think they need insurance and isn’t that our right to make this choice. Doubting I’m in the 4 million? Lets check, am I a non-citizen? Nope born/raised in Florida. Do I qualify for Medicaid? Nope. Do I make more than $50,000/ $75,000 a year? Pssh I’m a young healthy male in college. So I have no insurance and don’t meet the categories above therefore I fall into the remaining “other” category of 4 million and guess what I don’t want it right now : o .

Been There Done That: If you want to see our fate, look at the other countries whom have already walked this path and are now in crisis. Like France, “French workers pay 19% of their earnings in taxes for health insurance and yet more than 90% purchase complimentary insurance…In italy the average wait for a mamogram was reported at 70 days” (if gov insurance is so great why get priv insurance?) Well UK is really the best example….bahaha really? In the UK, “Patients with life-threatening conditions are waiting up to four hours for an ambulance.One man with suspected poisoning had to wait three hours 47 minutes for an ambulance to drive less than a mile to treat him.” Or how about “The number of patients forced to wait at least a year before being treated has also rocketed under the coalition. In May 2010, 321 of those treated had waited that long, but in November 2011 1,018 had done so – a 217% increase.” Einstien said it best “Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Are US citizens really insane enough to believe that we can do the same thing as France, the same thing as Britain, and yet expect different results?

Still unconvinced?:If after seeing this information/facts someone still believes “we cannot afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, and medication. So we need to pay for doctors, hospitals, medications, and a government bureaucracy to administer it; because look at the great success stories of the USPS/DMV.” Or still believe the ACA/Obmacare is good law and should just be thrust on to US citizens; even though Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid admitted there are things they need to do to improve the law…..err I mean “Tax”. (at least that’s what chief Justice said was constitutional.) Then I give up, you vote your way and I’ll vote mine.

By: Milton L. Jefferson

 P.S. Real Insurance crisis?:

Will Americans Who Ignore Car Insurance Laws Obey Health Coverage Mandate? Nearly 40 years of car insurance mandates 14 percent to 16 percent of drivers don’t have auto insurance. 14-16% of US pop = roughly 43,622,868—49,849,906. So 43,622,868 without auto insurance (why? Oh yeah that peaky freedom thing like freedom of choice) as opposed to 4,000,000 without health insurance (funny that Prochoice protesters showed up at sctous steps to support the law, a law which is prochoice in what way again? Maybe they should be labeled pro-abortion and not pro-choice). Shouldn’t there be an auto insurance crisis; not a health insurance crisis?


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