54% of Americans believed the ACA/Obamacare should have been repealed……Why?

Not the 99%; but rather the 54%: According to a series of polls, only 39% of americans support the ACA/Obamacare. Considering some argue ACA is about the needs of the many over the needs of the few; isn’t the many the 54% agianst ACA/Obamacare and the few being the 39% who support it? Still we must beg the question why do the many “54%” believe ACA/Obamacare is a bad law/policy.

My Opinion: Some people justify the ACA/Obamacare by saying its important that people will be “able” to get insurance, even if it means you “have” to get insurance. Is there really that many Americans who “can’t” get insurance already? Maybe a more accurate description is that many Americans chose not to get insurance. Crazy right, People choosing to do something that many politicians, scientist, and doctors argue isn’t good for them. It’s not like people don’t already do this by choosing to eat fast food on a daily basis, drink alcohol, smoke tobacco, have unprotected sex, drink sodas, eat Twinkies, or even drive without a seatbelt.

Only 4,000,000 uninsured: Lets face it “ the number of those who lack insurance, pegged by the Census at 46 million in 2007”.

-Of that 46 million “According to recent NYT article…..More than 14 million americans qualify for medicaid insurance, but for whatever reason they have not enrolled.” (why? maybe I dunno [free will/their choice]).

-Of the remaining 32 million, “18 million make more than $50,000 a year and more than half of those 18 million make more than $75,000 a year.” (and they don’t have coverage? Maybe their like most “rich” people they prefer to pay in cash).

-With 14 million uninsured not yet discussed, “10 million are residents but not American citizens” (i.e. like the 80,000 illegal immigrants allowed to stay ing u.s. per pres. Obamas recent exec. order oh joy can you imagine how many more illegals will come after here after they hear this? I mean if they keep crossing at this rate we will have to wait to see our doctors; unless we beat the van of illegal’s by getting to the doc office first, yeah I’m investing in an Audi for this purpose.)

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Another instance of Law enforcement abusing their discretion

On Thursday, Natalie Plummer was  walking by when she saw that law enforcement had set up a speed trap nearby. She then decided to make a sign warning drivers of the speed trap that lay ahead. The officer then arrested her, placing her in jail for………….standing on the median when a usable side walk was nearby, technically classified as a misdemeanor. So not only is it illegal in some states to possess a radar detector, but now one citizen can’t use their freedom of speech to caution other citizens of impending surveillance without law enforcement abusing their power to silence the warning. And for what? More taxes/fines to fund roads/law enforcement? I mean really why is it so bad to speed and get away with it? Isn’t it drunk driving that kills not fast driving? Isn’t it lobby groups like mothers against drunk driving seeking law enforcements help, not mothers against fast driving? [Plummer]

By: Milton L. Jefferson

Taken 2……don’t tell me the girl was foolish enough to leave the country on her own again?? Just kidding totally different plot.

I recently came across this trailer of a new sequel for the movie taken; appropriately named Taken 2. Seeing this brought back memories of the first movie and how real the problem of sex trafficking is that said the sequel is suppose to depict the mob organization overseeing the sex trade looking to get revenge on Liam Neeson. The shame is that Sex trafficking occurs here in the U.S. . Another line of thought is that the mob has a major logic malfunction similar to that of a bully . Isn’t it just like a bully to pick on someone weaker and then when someone finally stands up to them and kicks their tails, they suddenly feel entitled to justice complaining that their victims. curious to hear others opinions, whether on the movie, sex trafficking, or even bullying. The trailers linked below.

By: Milton L. Jefferson

Representatives walk out of the contempt of congress vote on AG Holder. And?

Today: The House of Representatives voted to hold Holder in contempt of congress; didn’t know about this? [see my earlier post] When it came time for republicans to begin the voting proces, many representatives walked out in protest. These representatives were Democrats (huhh shocking) and they were led by the congressional black congress (now its interesting). Only a few democrats stayed and voted to approve the contempt charges (those same dems are from pro NRA areas and of course the NRA has a major interest in Fast and Furious gun walking). [walk out]

My Opinion: who cares…. Personally I find discussing this behavior pointless and a waste of time hence I kept the original post short and tried to keep my opinion short.

-There are bigger issues to worry about then the petty actions of these individuals; just like there were bigger things to worry about than the petty actions of this republican who shouted [you lie] during a speech by the president. Unfortunately this petty behavior has become the norm in today’s political arena. The sad fact is once executive privilege was asserted the investigation and contempt charges were rendered useless; therefore the republicans should’ve just dropped it and used this the time they wasted voting without dems, as time to debate the newly revitalized Obamacare.

-If you don’t like the way your representative is behaving then don’t re-elect them. As far as the constitution concerned they never have to be present for meetings nor when theres a call for voting. If you like and agree with the walk out then re-elect those representatives.

– Really once executive privilege was asserted the poor family of Brian Terry lost any chance for justice, truth, and closure. So the representatives should have let it go. On the same hand the president asserted executive privilege which gave Holder an out and further fueled the contempt vote thereby compelling Dems to walk out. One could use the above line of logic to say that the president who promised bring Democrats and Republicans together has failed to deliver.

By: Milton L. Jefferson

Attorney General Holder held in contempt…………..OK? what now? and what about his defense of executive privilege?

Today: The House of Representatives voted to hold AG Holder in contempt of court for failing to respond to their subpoena, the vote was 255 yes and 67 no. [contempt]

So What now? : Now it will go before a federal court and a DOj attorney will prosecute their boss “Holder” who will claim executive privilege. Then most likely the court will dismiss the charges and the House would file suit in civil court ordering the Administration to release the documents, after that its anyone’s game. Problem is it may take anywhere from 2-5 years for this to all come out in the wash. Making this whole thing pointless after the president asserted executive privilege. Which is why many today have called the contempt hearing a witch hunt/political theater, leading to democrats walking out during the vote.  [Future of charge]

Is Executive Privilege constitutional?:

According to previous Chief Justice Burger, “The concept of executive privilege is not mentioned explicitly in the United States Constitution, but it is considered to be an element of the separation of powers doctrine, and/or derived from the supremacy of executive branch in its own area of Constitutional activity.” [U.S. v. Nixon] Basically according to SCOTUS “executive privilege” is never mentioned in the constitution; however it is implied as part of the daily constitutional activity of the executive branch. To brake it down a little further even though the founders didn’t establish an executive privilege. SCOTUS viewed it as common sense that the President would tell his cabinet information in conducting conferences and that the information relayed would not be intended for others/the public. In fact if some of this information should reach the public……like I don’t know…..in the form of a leak…it could be devastating to the nations security. [Leaks]

My Opinion:

-Yes this is obviously political why else would the contempt take place so close to the election and on the same day the Obamacare ruling was to be announced.

-Yes Rep. Issa is doing the right thing by continuing to push for these documents, yes hes doing it for political show but we should be glad that for once political show coincidentally involves doing the right thing.  Many people argue that Issa should have taken Holders deal, gave Holder more time, or continued investigating before holding Holder in contempt. To those people I say, If  Holder was going to give the documents he would have, in fact he repeatedly stated he wasn’t going to release the documents. Lets remember there are statues of limitations with issues like this so Issa was already operating on borrowed time.

-Executive privilege shouldn’t be constitutional, meaning conversations between the president and his staff shouldn’t be protected for the sole purpose that the conversations took place and existed. Executive privilege should only exist as a defense against freedom of press when the information sought could harm cause the country harm. However, I’m not a justice and therefore as a citizen I must yield to the SCOTUS opinion.

-If the president did know about fast and furious, then of course he needs to assert executive privilege for his own defense if nothing else.

-If the president didn’t know anything about fast and furious and only saw emails or memos at a glance then one might make a weak argument for him to exercise executive privilege.

-If the president knew nothing of fast and furous prior to the closing of the program, then he should not assert executive privilege and to do so would only rob a grieving family of the truth, closure, and ultimately the justice (no not this DOJ’s definition of justice) they deserve.

By: Milton L. Jefferson

After almost a year of meetings, record requests, and testimony; the investigation into “Fast and Furious” has skidded to a halt after reaching a road block that was put in play by the President.

Recently:  Thus far Rep. Issa has threatened the attorney general with contempt of congress charges for not answering a subpoena for the delivery of  all docs pertaining to fast and furious. Holder maintains he has given 7600 of 80,000 documents that pertain to the subpoena. [80,000 docs] Holder had also stated he reviewed over 180,000 documents that pertained to the subpeoana. [Holder testimony]. Rep. Issa and others in the oversight committee claim they need the documents in order to make a thorough conclusion to their investigation, while Holder claimed they had all the documents they needed. Many representitives Democrat and Republicans both want the documents in order to know more about Fast/Furious like who knew about it? What did they know? When did they know it? And Who gave the go ahead? Etc.

Some have called the investigation a witch hunt and that if Issa really wanted a thorough investigation he would be investigating bush since they claim this all began in the Bush administration (Déjà vu much?). However this is only partially true, Fast and Furious didn’t begin under Bush, but rather the “gun walking tactic” was also used during the Bush administration in an operation titled “wide receiver”. There are a few differences between “wide receiver” and “fast/furious” besides the fact that wide receiver didn’t produce any dead bodies, “Under the “controlled delivery” of Wide Receiver, agents didn’t just write down the serial numbers and let the guns disappear as in Fast and Furious. They closely and physically followed the guns from American dealers to straw purchasers to Mexican buyers.” [wide receiver]. Rep. Issa recognized to AG Holder that gun walking is wrong and when/if they were to begin an investigation into “wide receiver” hes sure he wouldn’t have a problem getting those documents from the DOJ since some of the 7600 received from AG Holder pertained to only “wide receiver” and didn’t even pertain to “Fast/Furious” at all. [only wide receiver documents]

Executive Privilege, What?: The Morning in which the committee was scheduled to vote for contempt charges, the Attorney General holder sent a letter that the President is imposing executive privilege. A privilege as most know is a legal term which covers the protection of confidential conversations in certain relationships (i.e. Teacher-Student, Priest-member of congregation, Banker-client, Doctor-Patient, Lawyer-Client, or like in this case Presdient-Staff). [Executive Privilege] This assertion of executive privilege raised a lot of eye brows making many wonder, what does the president know? And when did he know it? Regardless of privilege the committee continued their vote, in which overall they voted that the entire House of Representatives begin the official process of contempt charges.

By: Milton L. Jefferson

Fast and Furious Prologue

Whats Fast and Furious?: Read this prologue and official DOJ documents of the investigation to get caught up

Fast and Furious Prologue: “The previous joint staff report entitled The Department of Justice’s Operation Fast and Furious: Accounts of ATF Agents chronicled Operation Fast and Furious, a reckless program conducted by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), and the courageous ATF agents who came forward to expose it. Operation Fast and Furious made unprecedented use of a dangerous investigative technique known as “gunwalking.” Rather than intervene and seize the illegally purchased firearms, ATF’s Phoenix Field Division allowed known straw purchasers to walk away with the guns, over and over again. As a result, the weapons were transferred to criminals and Mexican Drug Cartels.” As stated by the joint staff reports prepared for the House oversight investigation led by Rep. Issa. [Official oversight documents]Soon after reaching the hand of the drug cartels, the guns were found at a crime scene where a 23 year old border patrol agent named Brian Terry was found murdered. [Brian Terry] Terry’s murder caused the operation to officially shut down; and spawned an investigation into “Fast and Furious” eventually leading to whistle blowers who provided reports that many in the Department of Justice knew about it.


By: Milton L. Jefferson